How to root Micromax Canvas 6 on Android 5.1 [Guide]

Micromax Canvas 6If you want to use applications from the Google Play Store that require you to dig deep into the Android system, you need to root it first. Rooting the Android OS means that from that point forth you will be a root user which is Android’s way of saying you are now officially the boss of the operating system, and you can install whatever you want. Many people already know what that is like on a computer by using the Windows operating system as an administrator.

Naturally, a Windows operating system from Microsoft comes with an administrator’s account, and it is usually the person who sets the computer up first. With Android, there is no such thing as having the root user account assigned to anyone because it is locked away. The key to being a root user is following an appropriate guide to root the device and then you are using it as the root user. Once you become the root user, there are no applications that you cannot install. Now you can open the Google Play Store and download apps like Titanium Backup and open them up from your app drawer and expect them to run instead of giving you a message letting you that they need root permissions to run.


  • You need to install a custom Recovery on the Micromax Canvas 6 smartphones before you can root the smartphone using Chainfire’s SuperSU application.
  • You need to have a computer that is running a version of Windows operating systems to use this guide or else the ADB does not work. You can find versions of ADB that works on MacOS and Linux computers, but they require different files as well as commands.


  • You should backup the data on your Micromax smartphone before you go ahead with the rooting guide just in case you want to apply a hard reset and restore your device. You can take the NANDroid backup options from within the custom recovery image during the guide. You cannot start using applications such as Titanium backup until after you complete the guide. However, you can use the Helium app from the Google Play Store if you want to use it for one last time before you make the switch it the better Titanium Backup application.


  1. Download the SuperSU version 2.49 from Chainfire and have it on the desktop of the computer.
  2. Connect the Micromax Canvas 6 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable and then copy the SuperSU 2.49 to the internal storage SD card folder on the computer.
  3. Unplug the Canvas 6 smartphone from the computer and then reboot it into the recovery mode to get TWRP Recovery booting up on the display.
  4. Tap on the backup button from the main TWRP menu if you have not backed up yet and follow the prompts to take the NANDroid backup.
  5. Select the Install button from the recovery menu and then browse the SD card for the SuperSU 2.49.
  6. Swipe where it says you need to swipe to confirm the installation of your SuperSU and then wait for the SuperSu to be installed and enabled on your smartphone.
  7. Once you have installed the SuperSu and are now a root user, choose the option to reboot the system.

In conclusion, that is how to root Micromax Canvas 6 smartphones running on the Android 5.1 Lollipop software updates by using Chainfire’s SuperSU and your custom recovery image. The custom recovery helps enable the SuperSU for you which is what separates if from just installing the SuperSU program from the Google Play Store.

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