How to turn off Contact and Event suggestions in Apple Mail [Tip]

iphoneeContact and Event suggestions in Apple Mail, the default email client that comes with the Apple OS is an excellent feature to have. By default, Apple Mail displays calendar events based on the date and time it scans the system. Some people may like to turn it off. If you are a person who wishes to turn off contact and event suggestions in Apple Mail, you need to follow the steps given below.

What is Apple Mail?

Apple Mail is an in-built email program that is available with the MAC operating system. It was originally developed by NeXT, and was known as NeXT Email. After Apple acquired NeXT, the name was changed to Apple Mail. The current version of Apple Mail uses SMTP for message sending and IMAP for receiving emails. S/MIME is used for the end-to-end encryption of emails.

Contacts and event suggestions are a recent addition to Apple Email. Whenever an email is received with a person’s contact information or details about an event, Apple Email will show you an option to add that person’s contact details to your address book or calendar. This feature works perfectly both in the iOS and MAC operating system. Many users consider this a convenient feature to have, but there are a few users out there who wish to turn off contact and event suggestions in Apple Email.

Steps to Turn Off Contact and Event Suggestions in MAC OS

To turn off contact and event suggestions, you need to go to Apple Email. Open “Preferences” from the Mail menu. From the General tab, click the button that is present next to the text “Add Invitation to Calendar.” Select the option “Never.” To turn off the calendar updates, you should open the Calendar app. Click on the Calendar menu and choose the menu item “Preferences.” In the window that opens up, select the General tab. Uncheck the option “Show Found in Apps Calendar” at the lower portion of the General tab. Confirm that you want to turn it off by clicking on the Turn Off button displayed in the pop-up window. Now, go to the Address Book app and from the Contacts menu, choose the option “Preferences.” Now, from the General tab, be sure to uncheck “Show contacts found in Apps.” Again, you need to confirm the turning off option by clicking on the “Turn Off” button on the pop-up window. In this way, you can turn off contact and event suggestions in Apple Email.

Steps to Turn off Contact and Event Suggestions in iOS

It is easy to turn off contact and event suggestions on an iOS. Tap on the “Settings” option and select the option “Mails, Contacts and Calendars.” After that, scroll down and select the option “Contacts.” Then, disable the option next to “Contacts Found in Mail” to turn it off. Next, scroll down again until you get to the option “Calendars.” There, disable the option “Events Found in Mail.” You are done. This will turn off contact and events suggestions on an iOS.


In case if you have a change of mind, and want to turn on contact and event suggestions, you can always go back and enable the features that we disabled in the above steps.

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