How to download HTC Desire 530 USB Drivers for Windows PC [Tip]

If you are finding “the device driver software was not successfully installed” message when you connect the HTC Desire 530 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable it means you need to get the USB Drivers installed. The HTC USB Drivers can be difficult to find online, and that is because they don’t offer a simple file to install the USB Drivers from the main HTC website. What they do offer is the HTC Sync Manager, and after you install it on the computer, it will provide the USB Drivers that your device needs to connect to the computer correctly.

Note that HTC are discontinuing support for the HTC Sync Manager for all devices that come out in the future, but it is still the place where HTC directs people to install the USB Drivers for the HTC Desire 530 smartphone, so there is no need to worry. It will install the USB Drivers for your device continually as many times as you need them.


1. Point your web browser to the HTC Sync Manager overview from the HTC website and click on the Free Download button.


2. Check the I Agree box and then click on the Downloads button.


3. Click on the Setup file after it finishing downloads above the taskbar.


4. Click on the Install button.

Screenshot_4 5. When the instillation completes a Finish button appears on the screen. Click on it.


6. The HTC Sync Manager is now opening on the desktop, and if you minimize the web browser, you will see it.

That is all you need to install the HTC Sync Manager on the Windows computer. If you connect the HTC Desire 530 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable, it will be able to install the USB Drivers. The HTC Sync Manager works for all versions of the Windows operating systems ranging from Windows XP through to the latest Windows 10.

In conclusion, that is how to install the HTC Desire 530 USB Drivers on the computer using the HTC Sync Manager. If you are viewing this guide in the future and the Sync Manager is no longer working for your version of Windows, then we recommend you try installing the Universal Windows ADB Driver developed by Koushik Dutta—the found of ClockworkMod Recovery among other things. Koushik developed the Universal ADB Driver to bundle a bunch of the most popular OEM and manufacturers drivers together all in the one file so everyone can get the drivers easily installed. That file also installs the HTC USB Drivers that work for the Desire 530 smartphone.

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