How to download Sony Xperia E5 Compact USB Drivers for Windows PC [Guide]

sony-xperia-e5There are oodles of reasons why people who own mobile smartphones such as the Sony Xperia E5 would want to connect it to a computer with the USB cable. Many people want to transfer data like pictures, music and video footage from the phone to the computer or the other way around. There are also more advanced reasons for wanting to connect to a computer like using flashing tool to flash firmware updates and so forth.

If the computer you are wishing to connect the USB cable to is running on a version of the Windows operating system, then it needs to have USB Drivers installed on it before any of things I mentioned above can happen. There is no data transferring from the mobile to the computer without the correct USB Drivers installed, and there is no app running on the computer that is able to detect your device and allow for things like flashing firmware without those Drivers either.

Many people don’t ever need to worry about installing the USB Drivers because the Windows operating system has been programmed to try looking after that for you by downloading them after it identifies what your device is. It is these times when the operating system is unable to understand what your device is that you need to give it then a helping hand by installing the right Drivers manually.


1. Start by clicking on the link for the Universal Windows ADB Driver so that it downloads on the computer. You can notice it downloading directly above the taskbar.

2. When the download completes, click on it where it shows you the file name and it opens up the beginning of the setup wizard that you need to follow before the USB drivers are installed for the Sony Xperia E5 Compact smartphone.

3. Here is where you need to ensure that no mobile devices that run Android are currently connected to the computer and keep it that way until the installation of the Universal Windows ADB Driver is complete.

Click on the “Next” button after you have checked that the computer is ready to go.

screenshot_34. You can choose where you want the Universal ADB Driver to be stored on the computer by clicking on the “Browse” button or just leave it as the default folder options that the program has chosen for you.

The same screen also allows you to choose whether you would like to share the file with all accounts on the computer or just have it available for your account.

Click on the “Next” button after you make your selections.

screenshot_45. Confirm the installation now by clicking on the “Next” button.

screenshot_56. The Universal ADB Driver is now installing on the computer and it just a few seconds it will be done.

screenshot_67. You can click on the “Close” button that becomes available when you get to the “Installation Complete” screen to exit the setup wizard.

screenshot_7In conclusion, that is how to download Sony Xperia E5 Compact USB Drivers on any computers that run Windows by making use of the Universal Windows ADB Driver that Koushik Dutta has developed.

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