How to download Sony Xperia X USB Drivers for Windows PC [Guide]

xperia-x-waterresistantIf you have tried connecting the Sony Xperia X smartphone to the computer with the USB cable and didn’t have success using some of the apps on the computer in conjunction with the smartphone, or you just weren’t able to transfer data, then it’s because you need to get the USB Drivers installed before those things can happen.

Not everyone is aware of what USB Drivers are because they are only a common commodity with Microsoft and their Windows operating systems. Part of the way a Windows operating system has been developed to work is to rely on a program called the USB Driver that allows that USB cable you are connecting to the computer to act as a bridge between the mobile device and the computer and thus allows for the data transferring or for the apps running on the computer to realize the device is connected. Without the USB Drivers, there is nothing there to join the two.

There are a few ways to install the USB Drivers for the Windows operating system that work for the Sony Xperia X smartphone, but few come to you more conveniently than by using the Universal Windows ADB Driver by Koushik Dutta. Forget what you think you know about the differences between ADB and USB Drivers, the Universal ADB Driver has been specially developed to contain all of the USB Drivers from all leading smartphone and tablet manufacturers that run on the Android operating system—just like we have here with the Sony Xperia X handset.


1. Click on the link for the Universal Windows ADB Driver, and it then downloads to the computer, and you can see it appear directly above the taskbar.

2. Wait for the file to complete downloading and then click on it where it shows you the file name.

3. Make sure that no Android devices are currently connected to the computer for when you begin the setup wizard and install the Universal ADB Driver. Click on the “Next” button when you are ready to continue.


4. Click on the Browse button if you would like to change the folder location where the Universal ADB Driver is going to be stored or just leave it set on the default folder location if you don’t have a preference.

Toggle the option beneath where it says “Install the Universal ADB Driver for yourself, or for anyone who uses the computer” so it is set on the option you would prefer that option.

Click on the “Next” button to continue.

5. The Universal ADB Driver is ready to be installed on the computer. Click on the “Next” button when you are ready for the installation to begin.

6. The Driver is now installing on the computer, and you can watch its progress by observing the progress bar that is on the screen. It will complete in a few seconds.

7. When you get to the “Installation Complete” screen, you need to click on the “Close” button to exit the setup wizard.

In conclusion, that is what you need to download Sony Xperia X USB Drivers for computers that are running on any versions of the Windows operating system so you can then begin transferring data from the smartphone to the computer.

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