How to download Samsung Galaxy Note 7 USB Drivers for Windows PC [Guide]

galaxy-s7-edgeA Windows operating system prides itself on being very easy to use and part of what makes it such an easy operating system to use is the fact that it installs the USB Drivers for you, so you don’t have to. In an ideal world it never fails, but sometimes Windows cannot understand what device you are connecting to the computer and then it is unable to install the correct device drivers for that device. Additionally, there are times when you may want to use apps on the computer in conjunction with the phone, and the apps cannot detect your device unless you have installed the drivers yourself.

When either of those circumstances arises, you need to begin the search for getting the valid USB Drivers installed. Over the years that task has become less challenging thanks to OEMs and manufacturers no longer making people download a unique file for each device. Now most devices can use the same USB Driver as long as they are installed the right package that is from their manufacturer and no one of the others.

A guy that goes by the name of Koushik Dutta has gone one step further yet again and decided he could package all of the USB Drivers from all of the most popular brands out there and then that would work equally as well as the USB Drivers—and he was not wrong. He called the package the Universal Windows ADB Driver and it is all you need to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s USB Drivers installed on the PC so you can begin transferring the data you wanted.


1. Download the Universal Windows ADB Driver package on the computer and you will see the file downloading directly above the taskbar when you do.

2. Wait for that download to complete and then click on the file where it shows the file name.

3. Doing so opens up the beginning of the Universal Windows ADB Driver setup wizard which is what you need to follow to get the installation to complete. Click on the “Next” button available in the bottom corner.

screenshot_34. The following screen is where you get the chance to choose the folder for the Universal ADB Driver to be stored on the computer. There is also the option underneath to choose if you would like to share the Universal ADB Driver between all account that are associated with the computer or just the one you are using now to install it. Click on the “Next” button in the bottom corner when you have made your selections.

screenshot_4 5. Click on the “Next” button one last time to confirm you do what to install the ADB Driver on the computer you are using and then the installation begins.

screenshot_56. Wait for the progress bar to reach the other side of the display.

screenshot_67.  Wait for the “Installation Complete” message to pop up on the screen and then exit the setup wizard by clicking on the “Close” button in the bottom corner.

screenshot_7In conclusion, that is how to install the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 USB Drivers on the computer by installing Koushik Dutta’s Universal Windows ADB Driver that packages the Samsung USB Drivers with it that will work perfectly fine for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

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