How to download Samsung Galaxy C5 USB Drivers for Windows PC [Tip]

Samsung Galaxy C5Getting to know USB Drivers isn’t something that is required for everyone because not all operating systems that run on your computer and that you wish to connect your devices to use them. However, with the Windows operating system they are used—but even then they aren’t something you always need to know about. The reason for that is because Windows is designed to try to install the right drivers for your device, so you don’t have to do it manually. There will be times when Windows tries to do it, and the file is not available, and there will be other times when Windows hasn’t a clue what the device is that you are connecting and doesn’t understand what drivers it needs to download. Both of those times are occasions when you need to source them yourself manually instead.

Having our smartphones that come with a USB cable out of the box is all that we need to make the connection to the computer but it alone is not enough to have the computer and device talk to one another; that is done with the help from the USB Drivers.


1. Download the Universal Windows ADB Driver on the computer and the file appears above the taskbar after you begin the download.

2. Wait for the file to complete its download and then click on it where it shows the file name to open up the Universal DB Driver’s setup wizard that you need to complete to get the valid USB Drivers installed for the Samsung Galaxy C5 smartphone.

3. Make sure you have disconnected any Android devices from the computer before clicking on the next button to get the setup wizard underway.

screenshot_34. Choose where about you would like the Universal ADB Driver stored on the computer and then choose whether you would like the share the file with other accounts associated with the computer or just keep it to yourself.

5. Click on the Next button at the bottom after you have made your choices.

screenshot_46.  You then get to the confirmation screen where you need to click on the Next button one more time before the ADB Driver is installed on the computer.

screenshot_5 7. In a few seconds the installation of the ADB Driver is complete. Wait for the progress bar to get to the otherwise of the screen.

screenshot_68. Click on the Close button when it takes you to the Installation Complete page to exit the setup wizard and begin using the computer with the Samsung Galaxy C5 smartphone’s USB Drivers installed and ready to use.

In conclusion, that is how to download Samsung Galaxy C5 USB Drivers on a computer that is running on a version of the Windows operating system by using the Universal Windows ADB Driver developed by Koushik Dutta. You can connect to the PC with the C5 smartphone now and start using things like the Odin flashing application to flash the official firmware or do whatever else you planned to do that makes use of the USB Drivers for your device.

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