What to do if an Instagram account gets hacked? [Tip]

instagram-normalDo you know what to do if your Instagram gets hacked? What do you think is the most common problem faced by Internet users today? It isn’t only important account profiles getting hacked. In the last couple of years, we have seen a number of instances in which the accounts of famous personalities are hacked. Your bank account, email account, and social media accounts are all at risk. The chances of your Instagram account being hacked are also high. Here is what you need to do when your Instagram gets hacked.

Resetting the Password When your Instagram Gets Hacked

When your Instagram account is hacked, you need to reset the password of the account first, right? You can reset the password via email or your Facebook account. That’s how most people do when their account has been hacked by someone else. But, in most situations, this won’t work because your hacker would have made sure you are logged out of the account. Most hackers are professionals who know the tips and tricks of the game. Even if you try to enter the 6 digit security code for resetting your account, you will most probably end up with not being able to login into your Instagram account again. So, how do you get back your account when your Instagram gets hacked?

Send an Email: Sending an email to the Instagram support team is the first thing you need to do when your Instagram gets hacked. Tell them in detail what is happening with your account and the options that you have tried to get the issue solved. In most cases, you will get a reply within no time.

Send a Photo: For security reasons, the Instagram team will request that you to send a photo of yours along with the security code you received. You also need to include your name and complete address in the email. The photo can be attached as a JPEG file to the email you are going to send to the Instagram team.

Verify Your Identity: One point to note here is that your photo should match with your identity. Identify verification is an important part of getting back your account when your Instagram gets hacked. For verifying your identity, the Instagram team will look at your post to see if you have put a photo of yours and compare it with the photo you have sent with the email for verification purpose. Once the team has verified your account, they will send out an email to you stating that your account has been verified and is ready to access. At this point, you need to logout of your Instagram account from all the devices, be it your Smartphone, laptop or office computer.

Now, log in to the account and reset your password. You need to keep in mind that it is very important to post a few pictures of yours through Instagram. If you have never posted any photos in your Instagram account, the verification process won’t succeed and you will end up in more trouble.


Social media accounts getting hacked are a common issue. If your Instagram gets hacked, you need to get in touch with the Instagram support team and take the necessary measures to get back your Instagram account. The process is fairly easy and shouldn’t take very long.

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