2 ways to quickly open a New Tab in Safari on iPhone [Tip]

ios-8-safari-tips_thumb800Are you an iPhone user? Do you know the two ways to quickly open a new tab in Safari from your iPhone? By default, iPhone users have a wonderful browser called Safari. But some people find it a little difficult to use Safari. Let’s have a look at the two ways to quickly open a new tab in Safari that will help you to improve your performance.

What is Safari?

Safari is a web browser designed by Apple, Inc., and it is based on the technology WebKit engine. Safari was first released in the year 2003 with the MAC operating system X Panther. The mobile version of X Panther was included in iPhone from the year 2007 onwards. It is the iPhone’s default browser. In the early years, Safari has come under a lot of criticism for not matching up to the standard of other browsers like IE and Firefox. Now, after going through various improvements, Safari occupies the top position among the best browsers that are currently available in the market.

2 Ways to Quickly Open a New Tab in Safari

One of the most common problems faced by iPhone users all around the world is that when they try to open Safari for searching something in the web, Safari shows the last opened page. And what’s more, because it is out of memory, it will be trying to load the page. What is more annoying than this for a person when he as no time to waste?

iOS 10 now supports the option of opening unlimited number of tabs in Safari, thus making it easy for the user. Here is how to quickly open a new tab in Safari.

3D Touch on Safari App icon: Imagine you have the Safari shortcut on your iPhone home screen. If you want to quickly open a new tab in Safari, just do a 3D touch on your Safari app present on the home page. When you touch your Safari app icon, it will show quick actions. The first option in quick action is “New Tab.” Now, tap the new tab option and the new tab in Safari opens up. You can enter your new URL and start browsing. You have to keep in mind that this option works only on iPhones that supports the 3D Touch; in short it works only in iPhone 6s, iPhone 7s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7s Plus.

Long Press on the Tab Switcher: The next way to quickly open a new tab in Safari is a long press on the tab switcher. The tab switcher icon is the one with two squares, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. When you give a long press, it will show you the option to open “New Tab.” Now tap on the new tab option and there you go, you have a new tab opened without any problem. A long press on the tab switcher is the easiest way to quickly open a new tab in Safari if your iPhone does not support 3D touch.


So, if you have an iPhone and want to quickly open a new tab in your Safari browser, try this out and enjoy a wonderful browsing experience.

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