Best group messaging apps [Tip]

groupme-webDo you know about the current best group messaging apps in the market? Do you love to keep in touch with a number of people through different apps at the same time? Thanks to the developments in technology, today it is easy for people to get in touch with their friends and relatives at the same time with the help of the best group messaging apps.

Earlier, it was very difficult to stay in touch with a number of people at same time; inviting everyone to come for group chat was a nightmare for many. Most of the time, we ended up sending individual messages and inviting them one by one for a birthday party dinner or any other matter.

Today, there are many best group messaging apps that support group messaging. Here, we look at a few apps that support group messaging. By using these apps, we can definitely save our phone bill and battery life as we no more need to send individual messages.

Best Group Messaging Apps

  1. Group Me: Group Me, it is one of the oldest, most loved and best group messaging apps that supports group messaging. Group Me is now owned by Microsoft and Skype. Group Me offers various features that allows you to stay in touch with multiple people at the same time. Group Me has an easy to use interface and supports sending images, videos, URLs, GIFs and files without any difficulty. You can install Group Me in both the Android and iOS Smartphone. Group Me also offers additional features like sending emoji’s, sharing of location, ability to mute certain conversations etc. You can download Group Me from their official website.
  2. BBM: BBM means BlackBerry Messenger. BBM is one of the top messengers produced by a Canadian company and is considered as one of their strongest apps. Even though the popularity of Blackberry has come down in the last few years, the BBM app still remains a favorite among users. BBM not only supports group messages, it also performs well with one-to-one chat and video calls. BBM allows you to send videos, images, files and emoji with other users easily. BBM also supports private mode, where chats are not saved and gets cleared automatically after several seconds. BBM notifies the user when a message is received or not read by the other person, making it one of the most popular, user-friendly, and best group messaging apps for group messaging.
  3. Tango: Tango is another of the best group messaging apps that supports group messaging. Many people consider Tango’s group messaging feature to be the best that is currently available in the market. Tango not only performs well with group messaging, but also does a good job with file transfer, video transfer, image transfer, etc. Tango also has a public chat room, where you can jump into and start a conversation. Another interesting feature of Tango is that you can follow users just like you do in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Using Tango, setting up of group chats is easy. Tango also provides you with additional features like mini game and facial filters, making it one of the best group messaging apps.


You can download any of the best group messaging apps mentioned here and enjoy messaging your friends and relatives. When it’s easy to do, it’s easier and more fun to stay in touch!

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