How social media can improve customer service experience [Tip]

socialmedia-pmThere is no doubt about the popularity of social media and the fact that it can improve customer service experience. Today, where there is social media, there you can find customer service. More than 90% of companies out there are marketing their products and services through various social media sites. They know that social media can improve the customer service experience and ensure overall improvement in their business.

Nowadays, people spend a lot of their time in social media. Anything they want to know or buy, their first point of reference is often social media. So, by creating an impression via social media, companies can increase their brand value and thereby their revenue. What are the different ways through which social media can improve customer service experience?

5 Ways Social Media Can Improve the Customer Service Experience

Be With Them: Do you expect customers to wait for days for your email response? That should not happen. When a person takes the time to write to a company through email, they expect a quick response. Even though you may have a personal account in Facebook and Twitter, you must create a separate social networking profile for your brand. This will help you to keep in touch with your customers through social media sites and you should check the sites at least a couple of times each day and provide a quick response to their queries.

Reduced Response Time: When you are a part of social media, you can interact with your customers and clear their doubts within seconds. When you have alerts on your computer or smartphone you will immediately be informed of new posts. This means there is reduced response time. Even if you are are not always there 24/7 you can have an automated response sent and then respond personally later.

Listen to All Your Customers: By being an active member in social media sites, you are available to listen to your customers, answer them and keep them happy. You can talk to multiple customers and listen to their issues at the same time. But, if you are sitting in your shop, you can listen to only one customer at a time. Here, you respond to every customer’s queries and can also see each one’s response.

Engage Customers All the Time: Through social media interactions and social media presence, you can improve the customer service experience. By organizing an event, contest, or by conducting a game via social media, you can keep your customers engaged and in constant contact with you. Customers enjoy when you connect with them. It is good for your overall business.

Keep an Eye on the Latest Trends: A social media presence helps you to keep an eye on the latest trends in marketing. It also enables you to know what your competitors are doing. By knowing the trends or by collecting feedback from your customers, you know where you need to make improvements. This will only help you to gain the customer’s confidence and thereby improve your brand value. It is the best way to improve customer service experience.


Today, companies are ready to spend millions just to improve customer service experience. Social media is free and without spending any money, you can stay in touch with your customers and improve the customer service experience. So, why wait till it is too late, ensure a solid presence in social media and improve customer service experience and grow your business.

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