How does technology help memory? [Tip]

How does technology help is a question in today’s age that may sound a bit trite in any context because technology has become so prolific and has made inroads into most aspects of our daily life.

Electronic gadgets we use, movies we watch, telecommunications, travel, the intranet private to corporations and the ubiquitous internet; technology has pervaded every area of human life. We are so dependent on it that our lives seem meaningless without modern technology.

What is Technology?

Loosely defined, it is using scientific knowledge that has been applied to practical purposes.

For example, we use the blender, but do not need to know the intricate details about how the blender works or is manufactured. Our personal computers, mobile phones and tablets are probably the most advanced technological devices we take for granted in our homes and offices.

The Memory Issue

If you discover that you have started forgetting things more often that you used to or that remembering simple things that you used to take for granted, is now becoming more difficult as life progresses, then you might be suffering with a memory related ailment or issue. How does technology help to deteriorate your memory?

For generations, people had to come up with ways and means to remember things as they had no gadgets to help them like our generation does. Consequently, their memories were probably much sharper than ours. The devices and gadgets we have accepted as an integral part of our lives are contributing to the general decline in memory of our generation, as compared to previous generations. For example, we have reminders on our mobile phones, laptops and computers; and calendars with facilities to remind us of our schedules and meeting commitments. Why would we even exercise our brain to remember our appointments and schedules, when our gadgets freely and very accurately remind us of them?

Whether your memory is deteriorating because of your age, or your issue is a cognitive disorder or you are simply becoming forgetful, you can take help from current technology that can help you ability to remember. Paradoxically, technology can cause our memory to deteriorate in some ways and improve it in others.

How Does Technology Help Memory?

You have tried brain teasers, crosswords and puzzles and included green leafy vegetables, antioxidants, and a thing from your grandmother’s time – fish oil, in your diet. These measures probably helped, but their effect could not be measured.

Brain Games

Today you have a technological answer to the question how does technology help improve your memory in the form of various brain games. You will enjoy playing these games that are fun and can be quite addictive. How does technology help with your memory issue? While you regularly play over time, you can scientifically measure how much your memory has improved. It has been the personal experience of many brain game players that their minds had become sharper and ability to remember much better, as a direct result of playing these games regularly over a long period.


Another technological answer to the question how does technology help improve your memory, is electrodes in your brain, pioneered by the US Military. For example, servicemen who have suffered with brain damage and memory loss on active service in the military.


How does technology help through research? An offshoot of current research on the pioneering work by the US military could have applications in the near future to help patients with memory issues due to heart attacks, dementia, and Alzheimer’s   


So, we have answered the question how does technology help improve our memory and learned that the same technology that probably contributes to the deterioration in our memory is the same thing that can improve it.

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