How to fix Windows Update problem when it gets stuck [Tip]

Ever faced trouble with Windows update? Do you know the way of fixing Windows update problems when it gets stuck? The Windows updates normally work in the background without causing any problem to the user, but in some cases it can cause severe issues. When it gets stuck, it needs to be kick started, but many users do not know how to do that.

Steps to Fix Windows Update When it Gets Stuck

Windows updates getting stuck is a common issue in Windows 7, Window 8 and Window 10. But it is Windows 7 that has reported most cases compared to Windows 8 and Windows 10. Most Windows users do not know what to do when it gets stuck, they try various options, including restarting the machine. But is that the correct solution?

Windows has an inbuilt trouble shooter that can fix the issue of the update getting stuck.  It is the easiest option to fix the update when it gets stuck, so you should try this approach first. When you run the Windows troubleshooter, it performs 3 actions:

  1. It closes Windows Update Service
  2. It modifies the name of “C:\Win\SoftwareDistribution” to “C:\Win\SoftwareDistribution.old.” By doing so, it removes the Windows cache in order that the Windows update can start from the beginning.
  3. It also restarts the Windows Update Service again.

Windows troubleshooter is present in all the Windows versions. To execute the Windows troubleshooter, you need to search for it, from the search results, click on it to run it. The control panel displays the troubleshooters list, under the option System & Security. There, click on the option “Fix problems with the Windows Update.” Now from the Winupdate troubleshooting window, “Advanced” option should be clicked. Now check if “Apply Repair Automatically” option is checked. Now click on the option Run as Administrator so that it will run and automatically removes the cache.

Another option to fix the update when it gets stuck is by actually checking the updating Windows update on regular basis. Yes, to avoid Windows update when it gets stuck issue, you need to make sure your Windows updates are regularly done. If you have just installed Windows 7, then first thing to do is to check for updates. Let it update Windows even if it takes few hours.

Updating Windows Updates

To update the Windows update, you need to go Windows Update in the control panel. Now click on Change Settings link and select the option “Never check for updates (never recommended)” and click the button OK. Once you have downloaded the below files and your system reboots, go back and change the settings to default. Now manually download the Windows 7 two updates:

For 64-bit Windows 7, you must download these two files:

Windows 7 (64-bit version) -“KB3020369, April 2015 servicing stack update.”

Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit version)” – “KB3172605, July 2016 update rollup.”

For 32-bit Windows 7, you have to download these files:

Windows 7 (32-bit version)” -“KB3020369, April 2015 servicing stack update

Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit version) – “KB3172605, July 2016 update rollup.”

After you install both these updates, and run Windows Update, it should update it without getting stuck.


When it gets stuck while updating Windows, it becomes really difficult to know what to do next. The above information will help you get your computer back the next time when it gets stuck while updating Windows.

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