How to use the new Control Center in iOS 10 [Tip]

What are the new features in the Control Center in iOS 10 and in what respects is this control center different from that of previous versions?

Mobile Operating System – iOS

This mobile operating system developed by Apple is for exclusive use on its mobile phone devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This is operating system software that allows the device users to tap and touch the screen to navigate, and use and transmit instructions to the phone during use. Important settings on the device can be directly accessed by users swiping a finger up from the control center in iOS at the bottom of the screen.

Using Features of the New Control Center in iOS 10

The control center in iOS 10 now has 3 different panels, unlike the one for previous versions, and is supposed to be a big improvement over previous versions. The new control center in iOS 10 is cleaner in appearance with sharper text and buttons with rounded edges and better contrasting buttons. 3D touch has been incorporated into the app buttons lined up along the bottom edge of the screen.

For example, press and hold down the camera button and you can use 4 different functions:

  • Take Photo
  • Record Slow-Motion video
  • Record Video at normal speed
  • Take Selfie

The new control center looks cleaner because the individual options have been divided into different panels or cards that the user can swipe through. You can swipe left to access an individual’s own media card as media controls have not been cluttered onto one card. On your radio card / panel you can still choose your output destination (iPhone speaker or Apple TV) to play the radio if you tap the ‘Now playing’ button.


A very big bonus with the new control center in iOS 10 is the ability to access and control your favorite smarthome devices called ‘Homekit Enabled Devices.’ You now can lock and unlock doors, turn on and off lights around your home, among other things. This access is found on your third panel of your device. You can see the various scenes for your favorite accessories if you tap on the scenes button on the top right of the Homekit card or panel. Exercising control from the control center in iOS 10 over your smarthome devices by swiping a few times is an effortless way of getting things done in and around your home.

Finally, you can disable access to the control center in iOS 10 when you are busy using an app like playing a game and do not wish to accidently access the control center.

  • Open settings and tap control center. Then tap the toggle, for access within apps, to off.


The new control center in iOS 10 is filled with many features that make the operating system more useful to the owners of the device, presenting them with multiple panels or cards with options, especially to control their smarthome devices.

The new control center in iOS 10 looks and feels like a very good improvement from previous versions of the same mobile operating system.

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