Do I need a graphics card for PC? [Tip]

A graphics card for PC is highly essential for using a computer and almost every month a new and updated version hits the market.  Not many people know what type of graphic card they need to use for their PC. Some don’t even know whether they need a graphics card for PC. So, how will you decide whether you need a graphics card for PC and the type of model to buy?

Integrated Graphics Card or Dedicated Graphics Card for PC?

Every laptop or desktop needs a graphics processing unit or GPU. Without a GPU, the system will not be able to output images for display. So the next question is whether you need an integrated graphics card or a dedicated graphics card for PC?

Integrated Graphics Card

Today, most PCs come with integrated graphics cards that are integrated into the motherboard or CPU. Even though such graphics cards are not very powerful, they are capable of producing an image on your display and serve the needs of most people. People prefer an integrated graphics card as it is it comes as part of the package with the computer. Another advantage of an integrated GPU is that they are efficient and in most cases you don’t run into any problems with it.

Drawbacks of an Integrated Graphics Card

The drawback of an integrated GPU is that it is weak. Integrated graphics cards are designed specifically for persons who use their system for reading emails, browsing the internet and for other day-to-day activities. But, if you use your system to play high-end video games or perform high end image designing, it will not be able to provide the kind of display your want and your image won’t be loaded. Another issue is that an integrated GPU shares all the resources of your system that the CPU shares. So, when you try to open a high-end video game, you will see that your system takes a lot of time to load programs.

How a Dedicated Graphics Card Can Help

A dedicated GPU overcomes all the drawbacks of an integrated GPU. A dedicated graphics card for PCs is more expensive, but also high performing. They are a completely separate piece of hardware that is dedicated to handling your system’s graphics requirements.

A dedicated GPU has its own RAM. So, when you load a high-end game or video file, your system will continue to work smoothly as it will not be using the shared RAM. You can install high-end software like Photoshop without worrying about loading issues. A dedicated graphics card offers high-end and modern video ports compared to your motherboard.

The Final Decision

Making a decision about whether you need a dedicated or an integrated GPU depends completely on your requirements. If you are a gamer, then you definitely need to have a dedicated graphics card for PC to play the latest video games. Graphics cards are also important for those who are into web designing or photo editing as they use a large number of high quality photos and videos to edit. However, if you are a general computer user interested in playing a simple computer game now and then and browsing the internet, you’re probably fine with an integrated graphics card for PC.

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