How to backup text messages from Android to Dropbox/Google Drive [Tip]

It is very simple to backup your text messages in an Android phone to the cloud. Sometimes, you may urgently try to locate a text message you sent to someone on your Android phone long ago. That is when you realize the relevance of message backups. Let us see how this can be done.

Using a Free App From Google Play

Google Play has a free app available named SMS Backup and Restore.  Using this free app, it is easy for you to backup your text messages to Google Drive, Dropbox and your email account.

Backing up of text messages to your email account may have some issues if there are a large number of text messages to backup. But, we can fix that issue as well through some techniques, though we don’t have space to discuss them here.

Installing and Using SMS Backup and Restore App

The first step to backup your text messages is to install the app. After installing the app in your Android smartphone, open the app by tapping on it. A basic menu will open up with various options for the user. Tap on the option “Backup.”

Customizing Options Under Backup

You will see that there are many options available when you click on “Backup.” So, first decide and then carefully select the option you want. For example, there are options like “Calls Logs” and “Text Messages” under Backup Selection in the “Create New Backup” window. If you want to backup any of those options, then you must check them, if not, you must uncheck them. After deciding the things that need to be included in the backup, you must tap the option “Local backup and Upload.” You can select from the 3 options specifying whether you want to upload to Google Drive, Dropbox or email.

Backup Your Text Messages to Dropbox or Google Drive

If you decide to go for Dropbox or Google Drive, a new window will open where you must enter your login credentials to connect to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. After logging into Google Drive or Dropbox, the next step is to grant permission to the SMS Backup and Restore app to access your account.

Selecting Various Options After Log In

After  logging in, there are many options such as specifying that only Wi-Fi must be used to backup, indicating the folder to backup your text messages, and specifying if you want to delete the original files or not. You should manually enter the path to where you need the files to be backed up. Once you are done with setting up the details, tap on the option “Test” to test that the connections are correct. Once the test is over, tap on the option “Save.”

After saving, you must tap on the option “OK” in the “Create New Backup Screen.” The app will now do the backup and once it is done, a message is displayed indicating that backup of your text messages was successful .


Backup your text messages is now easy with the help of the SMS backup app. Once a user has carefully set up the app, they can set an automatic backup option to backup your text messages at regular intervals to avoid chances of loss of data.

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