How to stop LinkedIn’s annoying emails [Tip]

Do you know how to stop LinkedIn’s annoying emails? LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites among working professionals. But just like other social networking sites, LinkedIn also sends annoying emails to your mailbox. Some of these emails are useful, but some of them are just to push you to visit the site. So, do you want to stop LinkedIn’s annoying emails?

Multiple Listed Email IDs

You need to understand that LinkedIn may have a number of email IDs listed for you, more so when you have searched for contacts using LinkedIn. Therefore, it is better to keep only one email in your LinkedIn profile and avoid using multiple email accounts.

Enabling Only Primary Email Address

To remove other email addresses from your LinkedIn profile, you must first login to your LinkedIn account. Now, go to settings and click on your profile picture. From there, choose the option “Privacy and Settings.” Now, under the basic section, click on the option “Email address.”

Under the option “Email address,” you must ensure that your main email address is selected as the primary email address and all other email addresses are deleted. To remove the other email addresses, click on the option “Remove.”

Filtering to Stop LinkedIn’s Annoying Emails

The next step is to decide which emails you do want to receive from LinkedIn. the default at present is that you will receive all notifications, invitations, security messages, and LinkedIn messages etc., from LinkedIn. So, to stop LinkedIn’s annoying emails, you have to switch to the Communications tab. From there, choose the option “Email Frequency.

In the email frequency page, you can see that there are many types of messages displayed with an On/Off feature. You can turn each type on or off depending upon which messages you want to get and which message to stop. By clicking on the details button, you can get more details into each message category.

Controlling Communications

You can also control the type of communications you’re interested in receiving via LinkedIn. For this, in the Communications tab, click on the option “Which communications you’re interested in.” Here, you can set whether you need to receive messages when someone sends you InMail messages. There are a few options available for the user to set here. Depending upon your taste and interest, you can set the preferences and stop LinkedIn’s annoying emails about new introductions.

Email Filter Option

There is one more option for the user to stop LinkedIn’s annoying emails. That option is known as Email Filter. For this, you must go to your email account and set a new filter rule that whatever emails you get from LinkedIn will go to the Trash folder.

If you wish to receive certain emails like security emails from LinkedIn, you can mention not to block emails sent from in the email filter you will be setting in your email account.


Most LinkedIn users want to stop LinkedIn’s annoying emails. With the options discussed above, you can easily stop LinkedIn’s annoying emails reaching your email inbox and save your valuable time.

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