Twitter keyboard shortcuts you should know [Tip]

If you are a Twitter user, then there are many Twitter keyboard shortcuts you should know that will help you to save time and help you avoid using your mouse completely. Many people are unaware of the Twitter keyboard shortcuts and continue using the mouse when browsing. Even though there is no problem, a lot of time is wasted. In reality, they are easy to learn and not difficult to remember.

Some Basic Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

  1. For new tweet – n
  2. For like – i
  3. For reply – r
  4. For retweet – t
  5. For direct message – m
  6. For mute user – u
  7. For block user – b
  8. To open tweet details – Enter button
  9. To expand photo – o
  10. To search – /
  11. To send tweet – Cmd + Enter
  12. To next tweet – j
  13. To previous tweet – k
  14. To page down – space

If you’re someone who is already familiar with web shortcuts, then learning these Twitter keyboard shortcuts won’t be that difficult. So, how should you go about learning Twitter keyboard shortcuts?

Learning Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Moving between Tweets: The first step is to learn to move from tweet to tweet in your Twitter account. Go to Twitter and now press “j.” After you pressed “j,” you can see a blue color box coming around the top tweet. Now, it is easy for you to browse your tweets. Press “j” to keep going downwards and “k” to go one step upwards. When you perform these actions, the selected blue color will go and the browser will start to scroll up and down.

Reply, Like, Mute and Block Highlighted Tweets: By pressing “r,” you can reply to the highlighted or selected tweet. To like the tweet, you just need to just press “i,” and “t” to retweet the tweet that is selected. You can mute and block users by pressing the letters “u” or “b.”

Details about a Particular Tweet: Many people like to see more details about a particular tweet. So to see complete details about a tweet, you just need to press the “enter” button. After pressing the enter button, you can now see how many likes and retweets the tweet has. To see the replies, you have to press “j” and “k.” At any time, you can go back to the timeline by pressing the keyboard shortcut “escape” button.

Expand Images: To expand images that are attached to a tweet, you just need to press the keyboard shortcut key “o.” If there are a number of images, by pressing the up and down arrow, you can navigate from one image to another.

Compose a New Tweet: Even to compose a new tweet, there is a Twitter keyboard shortcut. The compose window open ups on pressing “n.” Once you are done with composing, press CTRL + Enter to send the tweet.


Twitter keyboard shortcuts are always useful as it saves time and makes your job easier. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter now provide you with various shortcuts that you can learn to move more quickly through messages. The Twitter keyboard shortcuts are fairly easy to remember once you have used them several times.

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