How to easily create a web-based survey with Google Forms [Tip]

Have you ever tried to create a web-based survey? There are many sites that allow you to create a web-based survey if you have a Google account and Google Docs. Through these websites, you can easily create a survey and then send the results from the survey to your Google sheets. The main advantage of this type of survey is that Google does not have any restriction on the amount of responses you can receive. Google, unlike others, does not have any plans to sell any paid survey services.

Steps to Create a Web-Based Survey

Create Form: The process needs you to log into your Google Drive account first. After successful login, click on “New” > “More.” From there, you need to select Google Forms. There is also another way of doing this. You can go to the Google forms page and from there click on the “Create free form” link.

Add the Questions and Answers: The process to create a web-based survey is actually very simple. If you have already used Google Docs, then you will be very comfortable with the steps. Google Forms, by default, creates simple web-based survey forms that have only one question. There you can enter a title for the form, and the questions and answers. The add button allows you to add as many questions as you wish in the Google form.

Add Various Elements to your Form: You can also set the form in such a way that a person can either select an option from the list, check as many items as they wish and or enter text in the small text boxes, or have a paragraph typed into larger text boxes. Not only this, the add button also allows you to add additional elements for formatting. Therefore, you can have a web form that has multiple pages, lots of options, images and videos, depending upon your interest.

Even though the Google form looks very simple, there are numerous options for the user to create a web-based survey that can look out of this world. You can even send users to another page depending upon the answers they give in the survey.

Customize the Web Pages: The Google app users have the ability to collect email address of users who have taken part in the survey. The Google form also allows you to customize the page so that you can decide whether to show a quick summary of answers given by other users. Google Docs also allows you to invite other users to work with you on your survey.

Steps to Preview a Web-Based Survey Created by You

Once you create a web-based survey, to preview the survey, you need to click on the button “View Live Form.” The form will be hosted in the Google Website and it will be interactive. Google Forms does allow you to make it more attractive by changing the theme. The change theme button allows you to choose any theme that you like and by pressing the “View Live” button, you can view the survey form after the theme is changed.


It is easy to create a web-based survey once you have learned the process. Even though there are many tools to create a web based survey, Google Forms makes it very easy to create surveys and collect data from users.

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