How to test Internet speed? [Tip]

Are you struggling with your internet speed? Do you know how to test your internet speed? When you usually apply for a connection, your internet connection provider will offer a particular speed based on the plan you choose. But are you sure you are getting that speed? Do you want to test your internet speed to confirm whether you’re actually getting the speed promised in your plan? Let’s see how you can test it.

What is Download Speed?

Download speed is the speed at which data is transferred from the internet to your system when you download files and browse the internet. But you cannot rely on the download speed to confirm the speed of the internet you are using. Download speed depends upon many factors like remote server and number of hops (number of internet routers) between you and the internet server. Therefore, it is very important to test your internet speed if you want to know the actual speed. A dedicated speed checking tool will provide you the correct details about uploading and downloading speed so that you know exactly what internet speed you are getting.

Factors to Consider Before You Test

  1. Ensure No One is Using Your Internet Connection: Before you test your internet speed, you need to ensure no one else is using it. If anyone else is using the connection, then ask them to stop for a few minutes while you run the test.
  2. Measure Speed Multiple Times: You need to test the speed several times to confirm the speed. It is better to measure during different times of the day so that you can confirm the exact speed of the internet.
  3. Better to Measure Speed at Your Desktop: It is better to test your internet speed using you desktop or laptop rather than your smartphone. If there are any signal issues with your smartphone, it will have an impact on your test results.

Tools for Running Your Speed Test

The best tool to test your internet speed is It is a web based tool that can accurately measure upload and downloading speed of your internet connection. Even though you can find many other tools, none can give results as accurately as Another advantage of is that it is very easy to use. You just need to go to the URL and click on “Begin Test” to test your internet speed.

Steps to Test the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Go to the URL and once the screen is fully loaded, click on the “Begin Test” button. After a few seconds, when the test is completed, it will show the results on the home page. You can see the download speed and upload speed clearly along with pings in minutes and seconds. There is also a Test Again button that will allow you to test your internet speed again. It is better to test the speed a few times before you can confirm the actual speed of your internet connection.


Problems with internet speed is not something new. Most people face difficulties in getting the speed promised in the internet plan subscribed for. Therefore, it is important to verify if you are actually getting the speed mentioned in the plan. It is easy to test your internet speed with the help of and you can confirm what speed you’re getting with the help of this wonderful tool.

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