[Firefox] Block video ads (on Hulu, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc.) with AdBlock Video

There are many ways to block traditional ads on Firefox (and Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera). However all those methods mentioned previously don’t block ads on videos on streaming websites like Hulu. That is where AdBlock Video comes in.

AdBlock Video is an addon for Firefox (sorry only Firefox supported at this time – no Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Opera support) that blocks video ads on popular video streaming websites like Hulu, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and more. (I am not exactly sure what consists of the “and more” part because the developer is not 100% specific. I did test it on Hulu, though, and it works perfectly.)

The following is a video that shows AdBlock Video in action (created by the developer):

Pretty cool, no?

At this time AdBlock Video is not available on Firefox’s addon repository (not sure why not), so you will need to download it from AdBlock Video’s homepage. However, while it may not be available directly from Mozilla, installing AdBlock Video is very easy and there is even a video to guide you if you get lost:

As you can see from the above two videos, AdBlock Video is seamless; install it and you are ready to go with no setup required. Really the only things you need to know are

  • AdBlock Video works on any computer running Firefox 5 or 6.
  • Officially, at this time, AdBlock Video does not work with AdBlock Plus. According to the developer AdBlock Video does not play well with AdBlock Plus’s exclusion lists so you need to temporarily disable AdBlock Plus when you visit a website which AdBlock Video works on. You can reenable AdBlock Plus after you leave that website. The odd thing is, however, even though the developer says AdBlock Video doesn’t play well with AdBlock Plus, AdBlock Video worked fine for me on Hulu without disabling AdBlock Plus. So YMMV.

You can grab AdBlock Video from the following link:

Version reviewed: v1.1

Supported browsers and OS: Firefox 5 and 6 on Windows 32/64 bit, Mac OS X 64, and Linux 64-bit

Download size: 14.4 MB

AdBlock Video homepage

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  • By now, I’m sure you’ve heard and seen those tv spots from lawyers who are experts in transvaginal mesh.
    But I would beet that you never knew just how bad some transvaginal mesh devices can turn out!

  • n/a

    “You can reenable AdBlock Plus after you leave that website.”

    Uh, that’s not how browsers work. People don’t visit one site at a time.

  • Ed

    I really wish I could use this. Unfortunately it won’t download on Firefox 7

  • Ben

    Whoops, messed up the Virus Total link: http://bit.ly/oRoack

  • Ben

    I just unpacked the .xpi file in 7-zip and was suprised to find that the file size was 14 mb for the addon. It also has some unusual files (for an extension) included in the component folder. Here are the files: AdblockVideo.dll, and adblockvideo-x86_64.so. It looks like this addon acts likes a program in a way. I’m going to stick with Adblock Plus for now.

    PS. Scanned the .xpi with Virus Total and ByteHero(Whatever that is) found a trojan. The results are here: [bit.ly]

  • Gene

    Often, when there is a particular (non-ad) video that you wanted to see at a site, they make you
    watch an ad before they stream the video to you. That’s how they help to pay the bills, I suppose.
    In very many of those cases, it looks like the ad and the desired video may have been edited together
    into one seamless stream. I tend to doubt that any tool like this would be able to distinguish, and
    just block the ad portion. OTOH, I have made much use of programss like Orbit Downloader — or
    one of its many competitors — which did not block anything but seemed to identify the various
    discrete elements. Typically, I d/l the item of interest for local viewing, where it will be free of any
    possible buffering / stuttering type interruptions. A lot of the target videos are resistant to downloading,
    though, so going that route may require you to have several of these apps, to assure that one of them
    will do the job.

    But I’d still like to give this thing a try, just out of curiosity.

  • jimmy

    Thank you Ashraf; I’ll give it a try

  • DonFG

    Sounds great, but until it can play nice with AdBlock, I’ll wait.

  • Keith

    Thanks Ashraf. I’m one of those with a FF still open issue so, I’m building a new FF6 profile. I’ll add this nifty addon and give it a whirl with AdBlock Plus. Many A/M apps have to be taught to play well with each other so, this should be OK.

  • JT

    Awesome addon!! Thanks for all the information you share with us!!

  • groovey

    Sweet I would download it if I were running Firefox 5 or 6 (can’t grade yet since the version of FF I’m using works for my online classes). But I’ll download as soon as school does cause I think its a rip off that you pay for Hulu and still get stuck watching ads. And before you ask yes I did have Hulu Plus but I stopped it cause of the commercials.

  • Ashraf

    @Donna Rae: You are welcome!

  • Donna Rae

    Thanks, I’ll add it now. (-;

  • Ashraf

    @Mr Pippers: Fair enough.

  • Mr Pippers

    I won’t add it until Firefox has it.