Change your computer’s OEM information with OEM Configurator

Want to truly personalize your computer? Then you need to edit the OEM information of your computer. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer — companies like Dell, HP, Gateway, Acer, Asus, Samsung, etc.) information is the stuff shown when you open System from Control Panel — things like Manufacturer, Model, etc. Editing such OEM information can be done via registry tweaks; or you can use OEM Configurator.

What Is OEM Configurator And What Does It Do?

OEM Configurator is a freeware, portable tool that allows users to edit their computers’ OEM information:

OEM Configurator allows users to edit six pieces of OEM information: Manufacturer, Model, Support Hours, Support Phone, Support Website, and OEM Logo. You can set any of these six values to whatever you want (image must be a bitmap file). For example:

As you can see, dotTech is now the OEM of my laptop, hehe.

In addition to OEM information, OEM Configurator allows users to edit the Owner, Organization, Computer Name, Processor Name, Computer Description, and Product ID of a computer:

Using OEM Configurator

Using OEM Configurator is as simple as can be. Simply run the program, edit the information you want to edit and hit the Save OEM Informations/Save New Information to apply your changes.

Take note the Preview… button on the OEM information screen does not actually show you a live preview — it only brings up the System window. In other words, using the Preview button won’t let you preview changes prior to applying them.

OEM Configurator Limitations

Do note aside from the Product ID, OEM Configurator does not have the ability to restore computer defaults for any information you change. For the most part changing OEM information won’t do any harm to your computer so not being able to restore computer defaults isn’t a big deal. However, changing Product ID is generally not a good idea; plus if you plan on selling your computer in the future you may freak out potential customers. So not having the ability to restore computer defaults can be devastating if you ever need to have the defaults back.

If you plan on using OEM Configurator to change things, I highly suggest you copy + paste your current information into a Notepad file (keep the file save) from which you can restore defaults at a later date, if you have the wish or desire to do so.


OEM Configurator is not exactly a groundbreakingly useful program, but it is still something fun to have — especially if you want to prank someone. You can grab OEM Configurator from the links below:

Version reviewed: v2

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8

.NET Framework 4 is required

Download size: 352 KB

Malware scan: Virustotal scan results (0/43)

OEM Configurator homepage [direct download]

[via Ghacks]

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  • Jenny Dutze

    @Sir Hollingsworth:

    Must be nice to have a butler Sir Hollingsworth…..wish I could afford one. :-(

  • Janet


    As someone who does not know what OEM data is for, I, like Mohammed, am most curious as to why someone wouuld want to change this…Does it have to do with being able to pass on OEM software…?

  • Thanks Zapped Sparky, I look it over. :)

  • Sir Hollingsworth

    Smashing my dear lad! How you find these little gems I have no idea my good man! Do carry on! I shall have my butler download this at once…

  • jayesstee

    Try ‘Ultimate Windows Customizer’ from ‘The Windows Club’. I haven’t tried it, but under ‘Miscellaneous’ it lists: ‘Select a new sound to use as your Startup Sound’!
    Link for ‘Ultimate Windows Customizer’ is:
    Let us know if you are successful?

  • Zapped Sparky

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • I know this is off topic but is there a way to change the bootup/login sound? I read once of a Mac computer whose login sound had been changed to Curly of the three stooges saying “I”m trying to think, but nothin’ happens.” That would be a great thing for practical jokes too.

  • Patrick


    First I want to offer my best wishes for 2012 to Ashraf and everyone here. It’s a regular pleasure to visit this site for all sorts of reasons, not in the least for Ashraf’s to the point reviews, but also for some of the tips&tricks and some of the better comments. Thanks!

    As to today’s offer, the conclusion nearly says it all : “(…) not exactly a groundbreakingly useful program, but it is still something fun to have — especially if you want to prank someone.”

    My “question”:
    Appart from it being a prankster’s toy, I image you could use it in some way or another as a kind of protection tool. But I guess one should do something more than “copy + paste your current information into a Notepad file (keep the file save) from which you can restore defaults at a later date, if you have the wish or desire to do so”. E.g. install the program on a CD/DVD or USB-device together with registry backup etc. so that OEM Configurator needs not be installed on (default) harddisk. As a means for protection it should be portable, I guess… Any ideas on this use of OEM Configurator?

    Thanks and best wishes from

  • Hamza

    Not very useful but it is funny!

  • Jim-2 (‘1’ was used)

    Let me add to the others who offered their “Thank Yous” for the inestimable service you have provided to so many.
    I don’t always download the programs that you advise on, but I =>ALWAYS<= look to this site and your evaluation before I consider downloading 'ware' from the net.
    And for the clear enough for those of us not overly conversant in the where-with-alls of the massive amount of free/share ware available, you and your fellow DotTech guru's are a treasure!
    So Thank You and I also hope that you and yours find the reason for the season and have a most grand Christmas, Hanukkah, (I'll even add Festivus! ) Season.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I echo the thanks given by those above, Ashraf. You really do provide a plethora of info, and I value your opInions.

    As for OEM Configurator, as someone who can’t mod his machine enough, I will be trying this out. Saving the real OEM info in a safe place, of course.

  • Bill Wingler

    Ashraf, you are one of the most giving people I have known, though I don’t know you except through your post. You are constantly giving of your time and efforts for our benefit.. And I have been one of those who haven’t bothered to say thank you. So now I’m apologizing and saying a big heart felt “Thank You.”

  • Jim-1

    Let me add my thanks for all the hard work you put into providing a wealth of information to us users. Here’s hoping that your holidays are festive, and that your new year is happy, healthy, prosperous, and productive! :-)

  • How do you find the time to give us all of this stuff??
    EXCELLENT job!
    Please do not burn yourself out!
    And THANKS also from all of those whom haven’t had time to post
    a thank you, but also greatly appreciate your good work.

  • Mohammad

    Dear Ashraf… you post alot of good stuff… keep it up… and thank you!

    Can you tell me:

    why would anyone need such a tool? (i.e. OEM Configurator)

    how is this app going to be helpful? (i.e. Change your computer’s OEM information)

    and lastly, can this change a custom built to an OEM built where the OEM Specific DVDs, etc will work?
    if so then I can see a benefit… hmmm

    do answer my questions please.