Tip: Don’t like the latest Firefox releases? Mozilla is still supporting Firefox 3.6 — download it now

Some people have voiced reservations about Firefox’s latest releases — reservations regarding issues like bloated-ness, crashes, and overly fast releases. I myself find since Firefox 4, Firefox has been crashing a lot although stability has seemingly improved since Firefox 8. If you are one of those people that would prefer “the good old days” then you will be happy to hear Mozilla is still supporting Firefox 3.6.x.

Firefox 3.6.x obviously doesn’t have all the new features and “improvements” made in later Firefox releases, but Mozilla has pledged to continue to provide security and stability updates to Firefox 3.6.x “for a short amount of time”. How long is this “short amount of time” is unclear; what is clear is that you can grab Firefox 3.6.x (3.6.25 at the moment) if you are unhappy with the newer versions.

And, yes, you can install Firefox 3.6.x alongside your other Firefoxi, if you so wish it.

You can grab Firefox 3.6.x from the link below. It is available in multiple languages and for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Firefox 3.6.x page

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  • rachana

    FYI in 2020 there will be no browsers so forget browser wars


  • bwise

    Steviebops can re-arrange his toolbars every day, if that makes him feel “cool”, But I have more important things to do with my time.

  • bwise

    I am tired of being told every 2 months that I have to re-learn the way I use the internet!!

  • bwise

    Why can’t the idiot pricks just leave the toolbar as it is in 3.6 and still do their security schtick.

    Who is the asshole responsible for these decisions??????!!!!!

  • steeviebops

    It’s rather simple to change the new Firefox UI to look like 3.6. Right-click on any of the browser buttons (Back, Home, etc), disable Tabs on Top, add the Addon bar (and use the Status4Evar addon to allow it to work as a status bar), then customise the toolbar and move everything the way you want it. Works pretty well.

  • @paul: It appears that you miss-read what I wrote. RE: The Interface……. I wrote that I did not like the new interface starting w/FF4 and was staying with 3.x onwards. The old interface is very comfortable like an old friend so I elected to remain with 3.x. Plus my old XP 32 bit machine with 2 Gigs seems not to play well with the new FireFox Versions
    My additional information was that I had moved to Pale Moon 3.6 because PALE MOON hsa done some tweaking which appears to to my CPU cycles and RAM. The latter is crucial as my PC can only handle 2 gig’s of memory.
    Is there anything else that I might do to help you with a question. CHEERS!


  • Paul

    @twospirit: What new interface? My Firefox 9.x looks exactly as all previous versions from 3.x onwards. I simply don’t understand all this bumpf about “new interface”.

  • Cactusneedle


    Thank you. I did the same downloaded Palemoon and couldn’t be happier. I plan to send them donations to support the developer. For me FF is fast becoming the browser of not!

  • david roper


    Gia – see my latest comment. You are right on, buddy.

  • david roper

    Whoaaa! Stop the presses. I have to tell you what I did to myself. i downloaded FF 3.6 here and ran it. it WAS faster/smaller. I used to be running the latest FF9.01. Well, my lastpass icon got lost and I never had sites to chose. Messed with this for two days. Anyway. I just went back to 9.01 and voila, everything is fine again.

    My advice. If It ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it. Whew! Good again.

  • smaragdus

    @ Ashraf

    No, I didn’t miss the point of your good article- from time to time I visit Mozilla FTP server to download the new version of SeaMonkey and I have noticed there are new Firefox 3.6+ releases.

    My point was that Mozilla keeps all versions of all their products that have been made public (even Phoenix and Firebird, the previous names of Firefox).

    If the developers from Mozilla hadn’t cut off functionality unreasonably (RSS icon from URL bar, the classic status bar, etc), if they hadn’t copied blatantly the interface of Opera (or at least adding a FF3+ official theme for those who would not like the changed interface, the way SeaMonkey has two official themes), I wouldn’t have switched from Firefox to SeaMonkey. (Although I have Opera, I don’t like its interface and don’t have the time to browse through thousands of Firefox themes only to discover later that most of them would not work with the latest release of Firefox).

    The fact that the guys from Mozilla still update 3+ version might mean two things, that either they are aware that there are many users not happy with Firefox 4+ and they would lose many of them, or that there are still some sober heads at Mozilla foundation.

    So I switched from Firefox to SeaMonkey (I still prefer the Gecko engine to Trident, Presto and WebKit):


    The only problem I have had with it is that not all Firefox developers make their add-ons compatible with SeaMonkey and therefore these add-ons cannot be used with SeaMonkey. SeaMonkey offers more configuration options and this is the only browser where the New Tab and Close Tab icons are where they should be so if the users are not using hot keys for opening/closing tabs the place of the icons does not change dynamically with every new tab.

    With 4+ releases Firefox lost its identity and by removing functionality available at 3+ versions they will achieve only one thing- losing many of their loyal users (I have been a Firefox user almost from the very beginning). It would be OK if they had offered options for customization (official 3+ theme, keeping the RSS icon, the status bar, etc) and if they hadn’t chosen this ridiculous version numbering. Now they release a new version only because it is planned to be released in sex weeks time, without real improvements and thorough testing and as a result these new releases are extremely unstable and crash-prone and the developers of add-ons cannot keep with this avalanche of versions so with every single new release many of the add-ons simply do not work being incompatible.

  • Hi guys and a Happy Solstice to you all!
    (Solstice is like a safe browser – won’t upset anyone…)

    Due to the enormous memory creep in Fox AND others, I switched to “Iron” by srware, which lives off Chrome in odd ways. Seems to be a bit less memory heavy.
    BUT still shows multiple bunches of memory taken up, in Task Manager.

    I’ve taught myself to reload the browser as soon as I notice the screen is full of tabs!

    Having said all o’this – I do miss a lot of the great extensions from the Fox.
    BUT Iron/Chrome seems to be well on the way to getting some replacements for me like QuoteURLText
    which alone kept me Fox recently with the super bloat of 1.5 megs of memory demand!


  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: This is true. With technology developing as fast as it is, we cant continue to insist to use old software.

  • @Ashraf: You are right, and I think I came off anti-FF when I didn’t mean to. What I meant is that any browser that people don’t update and stick with an old one can have that problem of not implementing new features. I used IE6 as an example because its a really well known example. Unfortunately, if FF3.6 is still big in 2020 i think web dev’s will hate it, in fact I’d hope the would, not because I want them to hate FF but because if they don’t that means the web hasn’t changed!

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: The same can happy with any browser. FF 3.x is only two (three?) years old. To date it is still a good viable browser. In 2020 will people use FF 3.x? Maybe. Will people hate it? Maybe. But it just sounds spiteful to predict people will hate FF 3.x just because it happened to IE6.

  • @Ashraf: In 2001 IE6 was on the edge, in 2004 it was still pretty good. Saying that it’s still ok now isn’t that point, the problem is when in 2020 poeple are still using FF3.6. Will Mozilla stop supporting 3.6 before then? I hope so but Microsoft wasn’t planning on stil supporting IE6 now, they were forced to by the public, and the same can happen with FF3.6

  • Ashraf

    @Home User: You are welcome!

    @smaragdus: You are right one can easily download all versions of FF. The point of this article isn’t that you can still download FF 3.6.x. As you pointed out, you can download any version of FF. The point of this article is Mozilla is still supporting FF 3.6.x.

    @Gianluca: From the point of view of a webmaster, I agree. However, multiple browsers (and multiple versions of each browser) is just part of the job description, so to speak.

    @Col. Panek: Ditto.

    @Roy: Thanks for the info on that date. Few more months of joy for some people :-P

    @twospirit: Whatever works for you, right? For what it is worth, I’m sure there is some way to skin the new FFs to look like FF 3.x.

    @Samuel: I doubt it. FF 3.x isn’t as bad as IE6 was (is). I’m pretty sure even today FF 3.x displays websites properly. I think the only major issue it will have is with HTML5 in the near future but by then it will stop being supported by Mozilla so people should frankly upgrade at that point.

  • Hey, guess it’s Mozilla’s turn to become the hated old browser.
    Poeple LOVED IE6 (in ti’s day) and just stayed there and slowely every web dev hated them, now we’re going to do the same with FF? Cool ;)

  • I am still using 3.6.xxx. I do not like the new interface that FireFox, Chrome, etc. have
    I am an elderly person who is comfortable with the 3.6 interface. Additionally, my old XP will not work with Windows 7. I do not have the budget to purchase a new computer.
    As Such, I changed over to Pale Moon 3.6.xxx which is much more stable than FireFox 3.6. It works for me and it is like an old friend.

  • Roy

    The latest Mozilla proposal is that 3.6 is ‘end of lifed’ on Apr 24th 2012 – the date pencilled in for release of Firefox 12. End of life = no more support, bug fixes or security updates.

    If you currently have 3.6 then you can delay the inevitable for a few more months but FF9 users who don’t like newer FF should really just take the opportunity to switch to a different browser now and have done with it – if you don’t like FF8/9 (despite all the memory/speed improvements since 3.6) you almost certainly aren’t going to like FF12+ either…

  • Col. Panek

    @Gianluca: I suppose it would make your life easier if everyone used the same browser and the same size screen, but that’s not going to happen. FF 3.6 has all the security updates current, so we’re protected (sort of).

  • As a web developer i am saying you this: please, don’t do it. Please…

    You don’t like the latest versions of firefox? ok, then install something else: use chrome, opera, or even internet explorer… but please use always the the latest version of a browser!

  • smaragdus

    All Firefox releases are available here:


    If you are using a FTP Client this is the FTP link to access all Mozilla products:


  • Home User

    Thanks Ashraf.
    I am still running 3.6.25. Never upgraded after reading your articles about you loving the newer versions. LOL! I did install Firefox 9 a couple of days ago in Wondershare Time Freeze and both programs worked pretty good. Tried it out for about 30 minutes. Never could get it to mess up. Firefox ran my addons ok, along with Norton Internet Security 2012. Will have to give it another spin and run it for a longer period of time and see how it does. If it works ok this next time might even have to upgrade? Going to grab a copy of 3.6.25 just in case I need to re-install! I am also still running WinXP SP3. Thanks for all your articles and info!