Free Folder Scout Standard! [24 hours only]

Software Description

The following is a description of Folder Scout Standard as per BitsDuJour:

When you first bought your computer, navigating to the folder that you wanted was easy. But as your work volume grows, so too do the number of folders and subfolders! Today, it’s impossible for you to get to any folder without drilling through huge lists, which severely impacts your productivity. But things get better right now, thanks to Folder Scout Standard, today’s discount software promotion.

Folder Scout Standard gives you instant access to any drive, folder, or file on your computer, just by typing the first few letters of the name. With Folder Scout Standard, you no longer have to navigate huge hierarchies of folders, nor do you really have to worry about nesting a folder into the right spot. An outstanding Predictive Search Engine empowers Folder Scout Standard to easily index the names of thousands of folders, placing you exactly where you want to be with just a few typed letters.

Best of all, Folder Scout Standard does all of this without bogging down your system. There’s no background indexing to take up CPU cycles. All that’s needed is just a few seconds to catalog the names of the folders on your drive, and you’re good to go! Even if you do some housekeeping and change folder names, Folder Scout Standard will automatically track these changes and account for them in your next search!

dotTech Advice

Many people are familiar with the need to better organize their folders. While Folder Scout Standard offers one way but of the deep, however, it’s not necessarily the best or the fastest. After its lengthy initial scan, I was able to use it to quickly access my folders.

How does the quick folder access work? You are presented with four tabs: a folder tree, favorite folders, recent folders, recent documents, and a search box. Does this remind you of anything?

All in all I’d say Folder Scout Standard is a tool that’s not really as useful as it first appears to be. However, if you still have Windows XP or for some reason hate Windows’ built-in search and the awesome search tool Everything, Folder Scout could still potentially be useful.

Freebie Details

Folder Scout Standard is being given away in a promotion by BitsDuJour. This promotion is live for 24-hours (ends 23:59 Pacific Standard Time Tuesday April 3, 2012). You need to grab your registration code during these 24-hours but you will be able to install/reinstall at any time in the future.

To get Folder Scout Standard for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v1.3.1

Free updates: Unknown

Free technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Download size: 3.3 MB

  • Visit the promotion page and hit the Get It For Free button:
  • Fill out the form on the next page and hit Complete Checkout:

  • Now check the inbox of the e-mail address you registered with. Look for an e-mail from BitsDuJour with subject of BitsDuJour Software Receipt – Folder Scout Standard. In this e-mail you will find your download link — click on it to download Folder Scout Standard.
  • When it is done downloading, install and start Folder Scout Standard. Copy the registration key from your email…
  • …and go to Help > Register. Paste in the key and hit OK.
  • Done! Enjoy.

If you have trouble getting Folder Scout Standard for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • Tony

    @simon: +1

  • simon


    God that 8start looks awful!

  • jelson

    It does look quite interesting.

    What I’m really looking for is a tool that will do for Windows 7 what FlashFolder does for XP:

    Add quick navigation to preset folders in the Open / Save dialogs of programs.

    It’s saves SO much time and frustration.

    Alas, like so many freeware, open source projects development has lagged.

  • Something that is sort of similar, but for me worked in a way that was better than this does, for ME anyhow, is “Tag2Find”. I used to use it when I had Win XP, but the current version doesn’t work with Win7 64-bit (according to Mr. Ashraf anyhow, who isn’t in the habit of making statements about software unless he has verified beforehand). Obviously, there’s a difference between trying to find a folder based on it’s exact name versus tagging things and looking by general category, but I think it’s usually a lot easier to know what general category you might have “tagged” a file or folder with than it is to remember the exact name anyhow.

    Just now, I couldn’t remember the exact name of the Tag2Find program itself, so I just went to Google and typed in “Tag2….” and Google’s suggestion list thingie happened to pop up “Tag2Finde Alternatives” along with other references to Tag2Find. There seem to be a number of similar tagging programs, so sometime when I have a little more time available I’ll check out some of them, and see if they work as well on Win 7 64-bit as well as Tag2Find used to work on Win XP.

    The list of alternatives is at, in case anyone else wants to take a look…

  • William Neurauter

    My Malware program blocked the installation of this program. not sure if it is okay to dis able Malware program to install. any thoughts? I use WinXP SP3 OS.

  • David

    How to download folder scout standard as the download link show 3 sections on the web page.I click on the save to pc ,it shows ip address has been modified.

  • ebony

    Thanks Locutus for the review

    and everyone for the informative comments, you all saved me from dling a program that I do not need just because it is FREE, free is good but not if I have no use for it. In other words, you all saved me from myself.

  • kelltic

    It’s a nice idea and this kind of software is helpful. I use my launcher to pull up a lot of my files and folders. Then I have another program that pops up any folder I want in the view I prefer, File View. I almost never have to dig around.

  • Personally, I prefer a launcher to access folders/files that I use regularly (8start Launcher for exemple…
    I have no use of a program like Folder Scout which is limited in the research (to folders & files) and for which one must give the first letters of the exact name (that one doesn’t remember more often !).

    Thanks for the review anyway!

  • Ashraf

    This program sounds familiar… did GOTD give it away earlier? I think I remember writing some advice on it. Nonetheless, thanks Locutus!

  • Bosco

    Thanks for the great review, as always, but I’ll be staying with “Everything” one of those little utilities that I can’t imagine being without.