Android apps of the day [April 20, 2012]

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About Android Apps of the Day

Android has over 450,000 apps. With so many apps out there, app discovery (aka finding new and useful apps) is extremely difficult. With our Android Apps of the Day initiative, dotTech aims to change that. Everyday we post three apps, allowing our readers to discover new apps, daily. Enjoy! [Subscribe to our Android section to never miss an article: RSS Feed | E-mail]

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Apps for April 20, 2012

Smart Password Generator

Smart Password Generator is a password generator, as the name of the app may indicate. However, it isn’t just another simple password generator. Smart Password Generator is based on two principles: Having unique passwords for every website/lgin and being able to remember those unique passwords. What Smart Password Generator does is it generates a unique password for every website and login you have. You input a “Master Password” (which can be anything you want, as long as you remember what it is), a domain (i.e. website URL), a username, and how long of a password you want; then Smart Password Generator generates a unique password based on the master password, domain, and username you inputted. (Passwords can be up to 32-characters long — you select how long you want them.) Once a password is generated it is shown to you which you can then copy to clipboard and/or e-mail.

The trick to Smart Password Generator is you don’t have to remember the passwords it generates. Every time you enter the same master password, domain, username, and password length, Smart Password Generator will generate the same password for you. So, in essence, it generates a unique password for every master password, domain, and username combination. This way you get unique 32-character passwords for each login you have but you don’t have to remember the passwords — Smart Password Generator will regenerate the same passwords on demand. Smart Password Generator does not store generated passwords anywhere (it generates passwords on-the-fly) so as long as you don’t tell anyone the master password you use in Smart Password Generator, your passwords are (relatively) secure.

Price: Free

Version discovered: v1.0.8

Requires: Android 2.1 and up

Download size: 110 KB

Smart Password Generator on Play Store

Easy Android Panel

Easy Android Panel provides easy access to all/most settings of your Android device. Some of the settings in Easy Android Panel are toggles, such as WiFi or Bluetooth toggle, while others are one-tap shortcuts which open the respective setting page on your device, such as “Date and Time” giving access to date and time settings. The toggles/settings Easy Android Panel provides include but are not limited to WiFi, Bluetooth, sound settings, brightness, autorotate, autotime, screen timer, GPS, network data, airplane mode, apps, battery usage, and more. Essentially anything you would have to go into “Settings” or “System Settings” for you can find quickly and easily in Easy Android Panel.

Price: Free

Version discovered: v1.02

Requires: Android 2.1 and up

Download size: 439 KB

Easy Android Panel on Play Store

OI Shopping List

OI Shopping List is an app that allows you to create and manage shopping lists. You can create as many shopping lists as you want and each list can have as many items as you want. Each item can be customized to state how much quantity/units you want as well as price; and items can be tagged, prioritized, and have a short note attached to them (short note only supported if you have OI Notepad app). You can add individual stores and track prices per store, if you wish. If you are actively using multiple lists, items can be easily moved from one list to another. If you are a widget person, OI Shopping List supports 1×1 and 4×3 widgets which can be used to show/access individual shopping lists. The best part about OI Shopping List is it is highly customizable, e.g. you can change font size, how to track prices, how to use filters, etc.

Price: Free

Version discovered: v1.6

Requires: Android 1.5 and up

Download size: 958 KB

OI Shopping List on Play Store

dotTechies: We have tested all the apps listed above. However, Android Apps of the Day articles are not intended as “reviews” but rather as “heads-up” to help you discover new apps. Always use your best judgement when downloading apps, such as trying trial/free versions before purchasing paid apps, if applicable.

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