Free WinX Blu-ray Decrypter! [Ends May 25th]

Software Description

The following is the description of WinX Blu-ray Decrypter as per the developer:

WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is a professional Blu-ray decrypting and copy tool for users to decrypt and backup Blu-ray to M2TS video file or Blu-ray folder (compatible with Win7 Media Player). It is able to remove and decrypt encryption (AACS MKB v25), BD+ copy protection, etc. in Blu-ray disc. With this program, you can effortlessly protect your beloved Blu-ray discs from scratch or loss.

WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is an ideal Blu-ray backup solution which supports both Full Disc Blu-ray Backup and Title Copy modes. It allows you to decrypt Blu-ray Disc with all known copy protections and encryptions and backup 3D Blu-ray to 2D video in only 3 clicks. It also brings fast decrypting speed while preserving original video/audio quality. If you are looking for powerful software to backup and decrypt Blu-ray video disc, WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is the way to go.

Note that WinX Blu-ray Decrypter only decrypts blu-ray discs, not DVDs or HD-DVDs.

dotTech Advice

WinX is a household name on dotTech and for good reason: they produce high-quality software for managing your disc collection. However, WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is a somewhat odd beast, as it’s for only blu-ray discs. While some people have blu-ray drives on their computers, many do not, and as such most people will still most likely do not have a use for WinX Blu-ray Decrypter. If you do, then go right ahead — WinX Blu-ray Decrypter will help you decrypt your discs. If you don’t, then don’t bother with this program: it’ll just take up space.

Disclaimer: Please only use WinX Blu-ray Decrypter legally as defined by the laws of your country/region. Locutus, Ashraf and dotTech are not responsible for any illegal activity you conduct.

Freebie Details

Digiarty are running a promotion giving away WinX Blu-ray Decrypter to celebrate the coming of summer. While in mny places it’s still cloudy and cool, it’s never too early to start celebrating!

Version being given out for free: v3.4.1

Free updates: No

Free technical support: No

Supported OS: Windows 98 and higher

VirusTotal malware scan: 0/41

Download size: 5.6MB

Giveaway time-frame: This freebie must be installed and registered before May 27, 2012

  • Download and install WinX Blu-ray Decrypter.
  • After installation, run it.
  • When you run WinX Blu-ray Decrypter you will be prompted to register it. Register it using the license code provided below:


  • Enjoy!

If you have any trouble getting this soft for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • TB

    Like Bruce above, when you click the big “Run” button it tells you to go check for an update and gives you two options: “OK” and “Cancel”. Clicking “OK” takes you to their website where you can download an update. However, the update is the same version as the original download. If you click “Cancel” the dialog goes away and the program does nothing. Either way, the program does nothing.

  • mukhi

    yes, don’t feed the trolls!!! you posted in right, right and right time. or, does it matter as long as someone still has the time to install? as of now, anyone can still get it.
    i wanted to mean this giveaway would possibly offer you an updated version. i previously installed this decrypter. since they would not offer free update with the giveaway, it’s better to have the latest version!

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: Dont feed the trolls.

    @Bruce Chung: Hmm? Show us a screenshot.

    @mukhi: My guess is what happened is you installed this same software from a previous giveaway so reinstalling it used that old key.

  • Bruce Chung

    downloaded and tried to use the software. However, whenever I hit the “run” icon, the software keeps on asking me to get free update, even I have updated it for 4 times….. :(

  • @aliakx: Erm, how is this outdated news? I posted this literally hours after the giveaway started.

  • aliakx

    OUDATED NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aliakx

    outdated news

  • @mukhi: No, this is a new giveaway of a different product. This will decrypt bluray discs and copy them to your computer. (If you’re not sure if you have a bluray drive, you most likely don’t.)

    To be clear, WinX is offering a key here. This means the only installer is the WinX installer, no ugly bloated GAOTD installer.

  • mukhi

    not sure whether this is updated version from previous giveaway, however, downloading and like that they give EXE along with key. i don’t like SW offering free license that needs activation w/o key (like the ones in GAOTD).