The only free file (audio, video, image) converting program you will ever need.

Ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Do I want to be able to easily convert a video file to literally any video format?
  2. Do I want to be able to easily convert an audio file to literally any audio format?
  3. Do I want to be able to easily rip the audio from a video file?
  4. Do I want to be able to easily convert an image file to many different image formats?
  5. Do I want to be able to easily rip (video and audio) DVD/CDs?
  6. Do I want to have the ability to do all this with one file at a time and in batch mode?

If the answer to any of the above 6 questions is “Yes”, then you should keep reading. If you answered “No” to all the questions, get lost (just kidding – please don’t get lost).

Ladies and gentleman, meet FormatFactory:


FormatFactory meet ladies and gentlemen. FormatFactory is a freeware program that will replace all your other converting programs. With FormatFactory you can convert videos -> videos, audios -> audios, images -> images. As an added bonus, you can also rip the audio from video files, and rip music/movie DVD/CDs.

In more detail FormatFactory supports:

  • The conversion of the following video formats (input files)…


…into MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, MPG, VOB, FLV, SWF and MOV video formats (output files). Also, there are also predefined profiles included for mobile devices, such as an iPod or iPhone, that you can convert to (output files):


Okay so that is not literally *every* video format like I claimed. But I figured it is close enough that you will forgive me for stretching the truth a little bit. :)

  • The conversion of the following audio formats (input files)…


…into MP3, WMA, FLAC, ACC, MMF, AMR, M4A, M4R, OGG, MP2 and WAV audio formats (output files). Again I sort of stretched the truth about being able to convert to *every* audio format, but hey, if I did not say that would you be reading this impressive list? :)

  • The ripping of audio from the above mentioned video formats (input files) into MP3, WMA, FLAC, ACC, MMF, AMR, M4A, M4R, OGG, MP2 and WAV audio formats (output files).
  • The conversion of the following image formats (input files)…


…into JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIF, PCX, and TGA image formats (output files).

  • The ripping of video DVDs (input files) into MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPG, VOB, or FLV video formats (output files). Also you can convert to the mobile device profiles I mentioned above. (DRM bypass not supported.)
  • The ripping of Music CDs (input files) into MP3, WMA, FLAC, ACC, MMF, AMR, M4A, M4R, OGG, MP2 and WAV audio formats (output files).
  • The ripping of a DVD/CD (input) into an ISO or CSO (output).
  • Conversion of an ISO to a CSO and vice versa.
  • The ability to combine any two of the video formats (input files) I mentioned above into one single AVI or WMV video (output files).
  • To top it all off, you can do all the converting in batch mode (except maybe ripping a DVD for obvious reasons).

Update: All the above features are for FormatFactory v1.70. Since I the time I wrote this post originally, FormatFactory has been updated frequently and it has a lot more features now. For example, the video joiner supports FLV, MP4, MKV, 3GP, SWF, and mobile devices in addition to WMV and AVI now.

All along the way, you can the ability to control the quality and settings of your output file. For example, you can change the resolution of your output video files; you can change the bitrate of your audio files; you can make the output file high quality but big file size, low quality and small file size, or anything in between.

And for non-English speakers, FormatFactory supports 42 languages:


The *only* con I found with FormatFactory is that it cannot take SWF flash videos as an input (it will take FLV), but you can output as them. Hopefully the developer will add this feature in later versions.

If you are still interested, you can download FormatFactory from the following link:

Officially FormatFactory works on all 32-bit Windows; however 64-bit Windows dotTechies have reported it works on 64-bit just fine.

Update: Take note FormatFactory comes bundled with some crapware. Be sure to uncheck boxes/click ‘Decline’ during installation for this crapware to avoid installation.

Click here to download FormatFactory

Update: This review was conducted on FormatFactory when it was v1.70. FormatFactory has been updated multiple times since then; new features have been added and improvements have been made. Just an FYI.

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  • Jim Hamilton

    Gotta believe one better check the DL page, as it links to a page that hasn’t been touched since 2008?

  • David Roper

    [@I NEED HELP]

    You need to convert AVI to VOB.

  • LivieS

    Hey guys, I’m Livia from Reincubate. If you’re looking for a powerful and cost-efficient video converter, you might want to try the Reincubate Video Converter. It’s a new app, so it has not gotten alot of buzz, but do give it a go and tell us what you think about it.

    It can convert video and audio files to and from the most popular formats (mp3, ogg, mp4, avi, mov, flv, mkv, wav, wma to name just a few) in just a few easy steps. It will easily get your movies into the right format for any device such as iPad Mini, video consoles or iPhone in no time. Let us know if we can help with anything!

  • rohit

    how to convert dvd disc to 3gp. I try this with dvd to mp4, it done. but dvd to 3gp goes failed always failed.


    SO… Ive dl Format Factory because i have a couple of TV shows that are in avi and iv tried putting the shows on my portable hard drive to play it on my DVD play but it wouldn’t find the shows.. do i need to format the shows into a different format to play on my DVD player on my portable hard drive..???? Ive tried formatting the shows as a mp4 and playing it on my DVD but it didn’t work and iv tried formatting them to vob and putting it on my hard drive but still nothing am i doing something wrong ?? all i want is to watch the shows on my TV instead of watching it on my laptop.

    i don’t know if someone has asked this question already i just couldn’t be fucked reading every single comment ..

  • Eddie W

    Don’t download this. It installs crapware without asking first, and changes your browser startpage.
    Não use este software. Ele infecta seu sistema com programas indesejados e muda a página inicial do navegador.
    No baje este software. El cambia la homepage del browser y infecta tu pc.

  • im ram narayanray janakpur nepal naw saudi arab

  • Rob (Down Under)

    @locutus of borg:
    Thanks for the info.
    I don’t think I saw your email (your post) when you posted it.

  • Chris


    Any thoughts on how to correct this synchronization problem / better DVD rippers out there? It’s pretty annoying to me.

  • locutus of borg

    @Rob (Down Under): Hi Rob
    Only it’s necessary: downloading liberkey: ~ 5 mb, execute and choosing a location where liberkey will “extract” its files at. Note: Liberkey never is installed, only extracted, you can choose any location including usb flash, cards, etc.
    Later, run “E:\LiberKey\Liberkey.exe” and activate associations temporaly (right click on task icon, Liberkey tools > Activate file associations).
    Finally, download Format Factory from page: (Audio -> Converters)


    PS. Liberkey (from within its interface) give you a few options to download sets of many portable applications at once, called suites: basic, standard and ultimate. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, IT’S JUST AN EASY FOR THE USER.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    @locutus of borg:
    Thanks for the ‘heads up’
    I tried to find my answer in the Forum, but they do not appear to have an English one ?
    Does one have to install Liberkey ?
    I love portable (aka no Install) applications.
    I don’t like having to have added complexity, viz a suite to manage them.
    I just like to create a folder for the app in my C Directory, and place the app into the folder.

    PS I found the English Forums.
    It appears that one has to Install the suite.
    Has no one heard of ‘KISS’

  • locutus of borg

    Hi Ashraf

    It’s possible downloading Format Factory without adware or other crap, the portable version of Format Factory of Liberkey’s portable platform is totally functional and hasn´t all this “additional adware”

  • J4626

    Great tool,

    I was able to use the batch mode to fix a bunch of videos that MediaShout wouldn’t open. It would be nice if you could drag & drop a file into to the app instead of always having to find it.

    I also used it to rip a DVD and it was able to pick up the sub-titles when Handbrake wouldn’t. There it would be nice if it recognized chapters.

    Thanks for the referral dottech!!!!

  • flommedrengen

    @RobCr: I would suggest you use the Freebies forum:

  • flommedrengen

    @koko: Yes, it can add watermarks. Under “Output setting” – “Watermark (AviSynth)”

  • john staple

    I want to know if this program will let me burn only edited songs from a EX. movie, concert dvd, etc…
    I just want to have a “best of” collection of all my dvd’s on one disc. Just audio not… with it.

    Please email me.


  • RobCr

    Haven’t heard from Ashraf yet.
    If any of you others know which web page on DotTech we use to post freebies, let me know.
    In the meantime, I believe Ashampoo intend this offer to be distributed.

    5 Ashampoo full versions –
    Absolutely free, instant and guaranteed without obligation!
    I’d be glad, if you could pass on the address
    www DOT ashampoo DOT com/gift
    together with the coupon code ASH-444LW1  – to your friends, acquaintances, relatives and/or co-workers.

  • RobCr

    I have GOOD news, and BAD news.
    The BAD news, I still have not been able to play my AVI’s on a lounge room DVD player.
    FF does not list DivX as an option.
    FF created a large single VOB file (that is me desperately trying other Format choices). then VirtualDub and Nero8, and ImgBirn don’t know what to do with it.
    All my Googling on AVI, MP4, DivX, tells me it is an uncontrollable mess out there.
    I wrote to Ashraf, asking if he has a page where we post ‘Heads Ups’ for free software.
    No reply yet ?
    I was going to run one them ( from Ashampoo ) past Ashraf, as I am not sure whether Ashampoo intends me to pass them on to you lot. (I am allowed to pass to family and friends)
    Now to the GOOD news –
    Wondershare Video Converter ( $69 worth ) is free for a few days –
    After you try it, you can all tell me how to get it to convert AVI to DivX or to VOB files.
    It is converting the AVI, but I am waiting to see what it will convert to.

  • Paul

    DivX is a codec, one of many. AVI is a way of combining those codecs into one file (video and audio), AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave, interleaving the audio with the video. One of the best places you can find out about all the different codecs and anything else to do with video is videohelp dot com. I can’t help you with formatfactory as you can see above i had some trouble with that, but i hope that site i mentioned can clear up a few things you need to know.

  • RobCr

    No response ?
    I’ll try an easier question –
    Is AVI the same as DivX ?
    If I have a lounge room DVD player that says on the box, it can play DivX
    Will that lounge room DVD player, play files with an AVI extension ?

  • RobCr

    I have the latest version.
    I cannot see the option to Convert an AVI to DivX
    I have converted to MP4 (which I thought was the same), but Googling I see other programs offering converters MP4 to DivX
    I have scrolled down through Format Factory’s offered conversions, but cannot see DivX
    I have searched their Help file, and got no hits
    Can any one enlighten me ?

  • Dennis

    I just downloaded this software.  Checked it with Ad-Aware and Zone Alarm. It came up clean. 

  • Paul

    Never mind people, i had to do a system restore to get rid of it. I won’t be installing that again in a hurry!! For the sake of my hard drives as well as me. Love the site by the way.

  • Paul

    Does anyone know how to get formatfactory off my computer. I am trying to uninstall it, it asks me if i want to remove it and i click yes. It starts to remove and my computer resets back to the POST. No warnings, and my hard discs have to spin back up while the POST waits. This can’t be good for them. Every time i try it does the same thing and i can’t get it off. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Joseph Cannon

    It is absolutely impossible to use the program unless you allow the app to talk to the internet — as though a video converter NEEDS to do that. This is obvious spyware.

  • VW Gann

    I think you need to pay attention to the warnings listed above. I just upgraded FF to 2.30. After installing, AnVir warned me that my homepage was hijacked and that Ask wanted to put its toolbar in my start up. Of course, I denied these with AnVir. Then WinPatrol warned me that Ask had scheduled updates for its toolbar. On top of that, QuickStores.url put an icon on my desktop. There was no place during installation of FF which asked me of any of these things. I consider FF to be malware of the most obnoxious kind. I strongly suggest you recommend another formatting program.

  • 3K3

    I made Format Factory 2.30 Portable. I’m posting a link to the zip package:
    The package will be available till 11th of May

  • ET

    Well it seems nice, but the video joiner doesn’t join in order and the audio becomes out of sync after a while.

  • Alexandery

    So interesting,but i prefer use Video to Flash Converter Pro.It’s prog can convert many different formats.

  • jmail

    i downloaded ff from brothers and scaned it with the new microsoft antivirus and spware program and warned me that there was a trojen and asked me to delete it could you clarify on that one please bye for now

  • lol768

    I see that format factory is listed on this site
    Does this mean it is not safe to use?

  • Rob

    OOPs did a search of this site and found that Mario had asked the same question above.
    And I looked back further on this page and noticed that Amnesia had suggested DVDFlick for an earlier post by me.
    I wonder whether Amnesia is what I am suffering from ?

    I am using DVDFlick now (as we speak), and I have asked a related question on Ashraf’s DVDFlick page –

  • Rob

    Hi Guys,
    I have downloaded some TV episodes, which were avi
    I used Formatfactory and converted them to VOB files
    I would now like to burm them to a DVD for playing on normal DVD player.
    How can i (easily) convince Nero Express to burn the DVD ?
    It expects me to have ifo files etc present (which I don’t)

  • Opie

    Ok format factory seems to have the option
    to convert midi’s to other formats; however
    no matter what format I try it says failed.
    Do you know any other coverter that might
    work for this. There are so many and short
    of installing them one by one I thought I
    would ask you..and thanks in advance :)

  • Opie

    this programs rocks! so easy to understand.
    & use. Very quick format time. Works like
    a charm. Thanks for this one :)

  • Mario

    Hi Ashraf,
    tks for reminding me of DVDFlick, but check on my comment #7 on this mentioned link. I still can’t produce menus using DVDFlick on my PC and it is also slow. Wonder which one is slower – DVDFlick or Ashampoo?!? Will have to time it with a small avi!

  • Ashraf

    @Mario: Mario, please check out

  • Mario

    On an .avi to .vob conversion, that’s exactly what FF did! That is, no Video_ts folder and files, not .ifo, not .bup files, etc. As I don’t know how to make them, kind of useless this conversion, don’t you think? How do I convert an .avi to a “DVD format” that can be viewed on any DVD equipment. Ashampoo Burning Studio does that, I’ve tried it, but takes forever!

  • PTLdom

    Since using the freesource Super@ (search for Super C) I scrapped all the other incompetent freebies for video converting.

  • amnesia
  • Rob

    I have downloaded a YouTube .flv (with TubeHoarder) and have used Format Factory to convert it to VOB.
    If I was wishing Nero to burn that (or another format out of Format Factory) onto a DVD, so that it would be playable by a friend, what steps do I need to take ?
    Nero (nor I) does not know what to do with it.
    I assume that I cannot just burn the VOB onto a blank DVD ?
    Thanks for any help

  • Hello Ashraf, can Format Factory add watermarks to videos?

  • Mafad

    Thank you! This is useful! Maybe this will be interesting for you (audio, video online downloaders and converters)

  • Ashraf

    @lou (bugsi): Apologies for not replying earlier. I totally forgot about your comment.

    Can you try to download GOMPlayer and see if you can play videos with it?

    If you still have a problem I think it may be because of corrupt codecs. If so I suggest you download CCC Codecs and see if that solves your problem.

  • Ashraf

    @Shah: As far as I can tell, yes you can but you will have to manually go and change the output settings. However take note you cannot join to MOV (for some reason) but you can join to MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, etc. If you want both your movies joined to MOV, I suggest you convert to MP4 or AVI then use FF’s video converting capabilities to convert to MOV.

  • Shah

    Hi Ashraf:

    Thanks for introducing a great software. I have a question. Does this allow you to join HD videos in MP4 and MOV format. I have two digital cameras that are capable of making HD videos in 720p format. One of them makes it in .mp4 format and the other one in .mov format. So far only the professional softwares such as Roxio Easy Media Creator and Vegas Platinum can handle HD format. It would be nice to have a software that would join the clips to make one single video file quick.


  • lou (bugsi)

    windows xp professional

  • Ashraf

    @lou (bugsi): What OS are you on?

  • lou (bugsi)

    forgot to tick “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” on previous comment, sorry

    regards Bugsi.

  • lou (bugsi)

    Hi Ashraf,

    I install format factory, it looks great.
    only hitch is it stopped me from using my media-player, my classic-player even my Creative Media Player, with a prompt (something or another then “sorry your player is shutting down”)(DivX Player did work though).
    of course I had to uninstall, please help cause I love to install it back on.


  • sos4ever

    @Ashraf: Ashraf, I very much enjoy and value your reviews, however this is your blog and as moderator you have the right to delete worthless and stupid comment to keep the thread consistent IMHO. (by the way if you do clean up the stupid comments, I would not feel slighted if you cleaned up my comment) As always you are spot on in your review of FF as it is an excellent program.

  • Come to think of it, DVDFlick itself can also convert SWF videos to DVDs; however the developer says for SWFs “Only embedded audio is decoded” so I am not exactly sure if it would work properly. This is why I recommend converting to another format first, such as AVI, then using DVDFlick.

  • That is a hard one. Never really tried it myself but you can if you want:try or or

    After you convert SWF to AVI or some other format, consider using DVDFlick to create a DVD.

    I actually think I will make a post on how to convert SWFs… stay tuned :)

  • hipgabby

    Hi Ashraf,
    Love all your reviews on GOTD, I always read yours first. Can you please tell me if there’s a converter that will convert .swf files to a movie you can play on a DVD player?? Thanks so much in advance!

  • Whiteshell

    First thing first, I go to GAOTD everyday; first thing first there, I seek your review. With your review there, I can skip a lot of others. :) Thank Ashraf, for your wonderful reviews.

  • Um FF does convert to VOB…

  • argy

    what a pity this program no convert to VOB- Thanks

  • Chuck

    Update: I tried to download from, but it switched me over to lunarpages web hosting. Skip that! So I tried and it was up. It listed the latest version as 1.80. I clicked the download link and it jumped me to, which had the latest version. FYI, as of 3-31-09 …

  • Agreed w/ above, Ashraf.
    Might want to clear that up

  • Miry

    Um, Ashraf, I do believe that these people think that you actually have something to do with GOTD… you know, other than you just posting reviews for the products they giveaway (which you do fantastically, btw).
    Perhaps a scrolling banner or some other signage will help dissuade future misconception.

  • alain gasnier

    hi guys , keep the way discovering HIGHT QUALITY FREE SOFTWARES like FF and don’t give credit to peolples like SoB , the world keeps turning without them and the others will continue to visit dayly …

  • If I received any email from you I would have replied. Now if you continue to post these useless comments I will be forced to delete them because we both know you never posted any comments nor sent me any emails.

  • Spot of Borg

    So you ignore the contact form too then?

  • Spot of Borg,

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I can assure you I don’t remove anything but spam. Maybe your posts were marked as spam by my filter and I overlooked them. Feel free to submit them again.

  • Spot of Borg

    Everything I have ever tried to post on GOTD – nothing has come up since the first post which was about some program. But you already know that.

    Meanwhile I am tired of running system restore. Only good progs to come off that site were the bee icons and folder icons stuff.


  • How does he not like Star Trek?
    I’ve posted several comments on his blog!

    Oh and BTW no you won’t assimilate me!

  • Spot of Borg,

    I am sorry you feel that way. Can you please elaborate on what exactly I censored that you said? I don’t recall deleting anything but spam.

  • Spot of Borg

    “I am a pretty good guy, believe it or not :P”

    No you aren’t you censoring fascist. I never said/did anything wrong but I guess you don’t want honesty on your site? Or is it you don’t like Star Trek? Whatever your reason I don’t think I will try this program after you endorsed it because it seems everything you endorse does bad things.


  • I don’t know why the webpage is down. The domain is still registered to the same person – they may just be having problems with their server.

    You can always attain FF from meanwhile; plus TK posted an alternative link ( is registered to the same person as so it is legit.

    However, is hosted on a Chinese server while is hosted on an American server which would explain why is down while is not.

  • gonwk

    Hi Ashraf,

    Thanks for your “Reviews” and this web page. Ashraf, I am totally surprised that “Format Factory” is not available on Softpedia and other Reputable Freeware software download pages. And how is it that FormatOZ web page all of sudden is un-accessible. It sounds like I am suspicious of this “Freeware” software being “really” free and Spyware Free … even though you have posted the VirusTotal clean bill of health!



  • TK

    The current URL for the latest version (1.70) of FormatFactory is

  • Ben Pretty,

    Use DVDFlick.



  • It can do .ra, but it does not list .rax so I don’t know. Someone would have to test it.

  • David

    Will this program also convert rax (rhapsody/real player audio) into wav?

  • Yamchop,

    Try using Audacity – you should be able combine/add/remove/edit sound files with it.

  • Yamchop

    Thanks for the review. Got here from your GOTD post. I do have a question, here is my use case: I record lectures in my class on my Sandisk Sansa, and they save a .WAV files. I want to be able to convert them from .WAV to .MP3 files (after I copied them from my PC). But in some sometimes I need to have multiple .WAVs merged into a single .MP3. And it would be great to edit the .WAV or .MP3 so I can take out dead spaces that happen in lectures. Thanks!

  • Windy,

    You can grab it from

    It is not the latest version so you have to update it after you install it (Help -> Check New Version).

  • windy

    hey, when I go to the link to download, my internet filter blocks the site and says it’s illegal. can you help?

  • nutz,

    I am sorry you feel that way, but there are a couple of things wrong in your post:

    1. You can’t giveaway a freeware product at GOTD. At best you can add it to the ‘freeware library’ which no one looks at.
    2. This is not my product. I am not the developer; I just posted about it because I think everyone should know about it.
    3. It is not too good to be true.
    4. There is no malicious code in FormatFactory.
    5. I reviewed Audio Converter:
    6. I am a pretty good guy, believe it or not :P
  • Eldad,

    Look towards the bottom:

  • Sherwood

    Here is the link Dude:

  • Eldad

    Am trying to find a download link for Formay Factory, but without success,
    Please help.
    Thank you,

  • Pandora

    nutz – get real!
    The fact that you bad mouthed a similar program (without even reviewing it) tell me a little about your character.
    Character assassination is seldom pretty!

    If you are concerned this program is doing something untoward why not test it in a secure environment before letting it lose on your real machine?.
    Ashraf’s reviews, I find, are always informative and fair… oh and what hasnt been reviewed?

  • nutz

    Ashraf, if this product is so good why don’t you offer this on GOTD? Are there nasty things hiding in your code that will gather information from my computer to send to marketers, spammers or even thieves? This looks entirely too good to be true. The fact that you bad mouthed a similar program (without even reviewing it) tell me a little about your character. I’ll BUY something before I’ll download something as suspicious as this.

  • Ye seems that both programs have similar capabilities.

  • David Roper

    Here’s the list of output files it can make.
    DivX movie
    XviD movie
    AVI Video
    WMV Video
    MPEG1 Video
    MPEG2 Video
    H.264 Video
    FLV Video
    3GPP Video
    iPhone Movie
    iPod movie
    iPod Nano
    iPod Touch
    iRiver Clix
    Apple TV
    Quick Time
    DVD Format
    OGG Vorbis

    When you open it it just has an open box and a easy way to select the output file above from the above list. You select a picture of the output file format. I drag a Flash video from the desktop where I had downloaded it and drop it into the empty box (no typing) then click the red convert button. For me it’s just idiot proof. Converts 100% everytime. It just works, and fast.

    I must admit that Format Factory at the price of Free is much better, and if I hadn’t already paid $20 for my copy of ConvertVid, I would be a strong FF user and enthusiast.

    I would recommend FF at this time to new users. I’m not good with reviews like you are so I leave that expertise to you, Ashraf.

    I like freeware and opensource so ConvertVid isn’t even available to dance with at that “party’.


  • David,
    How does ConvertVid compare to FormatFactory?

    What can I say, great minds think alike.

  • Ashraf:
    You and I have similar tastes!
    (Fonts, converters, etc)

  • David Roper

    Ashraf, this kind of reporting is why we keep you around. Good stuff.
    Keep up the good work. Maybe they will change the input to include SWF.
    The one I use all the time is ConvertVid and it’s not free. It lives at . It’s idiot proof and that’s good for me. P.S. They don’t handle SWF input either.