New way to access the GOTD reviews

I know that the url is a long and not-so-user friendly URL. So I registered a domain specifically for gotd reviews.

From now on, if you wish, you can access the GOTD reviews I write by going to is not a standalone website. Rather whenever you access you will be redirected to This way, it is an easy URL to remember for you guys, and I can continue to write reviews and publish them on my blog instead of having to run multiple sites at once.

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  • Timur,

    Please review the Fair Use Policy.

  • Great! Thank you!
    I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?
    Of course, I will add backlink?

    Sincerely, Timur I. Alhimenkov

  • Yoyo,

    I am sorry about the whole no submit-comment button issue. I honestly do not know what happened.

    And I also read some comments after mine and you are right, some people did get it to work. See the thing is, I stay up until 2 AM in the morning (because of DST now) so I can get a review up before the bulk of downloaders come. If a program does not work the first time, I do not have the time of the patience that late at night to troubleshoot it. So you will have to forgive me on that issue =)

    I will attempt to reinstall and see if I can get it registered – I will keep you guys updated.

  • Lovely! Here you invite us to “Leave a Reply”, and this textbox is followed by a “Submit Comment” button, as you’d expect.

    However, I wrote a (longish) reply to your review of CaptureIt, only to find … no “Submit Comment” button!

    So I’ll bore you by adding it *here* ;-)

    Thanks for the info on some of the free competitors, particularly Jing, which sounds well worth looking at. But perhaps you were hasty in dismissing CaptureIt; other commenters after yourself did manage to load it into Vista. Since I’m still on XP SP3, I anticipate no Vista admin-type problems, which it seems yours may have been.

    I’ve used [Alt+]PrtScr for years, along with Microsoft Paint or, more recently, IrfanView. Although I’ve had Gadwin for maybe six years, I haven’t found it any better than the PrtScr + IrfanView combo, which does most of what I need, but can’t capture video. So I’ll check out which works better for me – Jing or CaptureIt.

    Good move setting up this site and sharing your knowledge! I’ll be back …! ;-)