• David Roper

    Where’s the article on FF?

  • Apocalypse

    Hello Ashraf,

    FormatFactory is an excellent program but the new version (version 2) released last July 9th conflicts with DDD Pool and MPCStar Player. I uninstalled FF and reinstalled it in Sandboxie and tested it by converting a jpg file into png and it works well. I haven’t tried it in other formats yet if they will work in a sandbox.


  • gonwk

    Hi Ashraf,

    At your recommendation I downloaded and used FormatFactory 1.7 and used it to convert my .WMV to .AVI (XviD) and the output is not as CLEAN and CLEAR as some other freewares. I wonder if the 1.8 is an improvement. I hope it is since I like the GUI.

    Thanks! G!:)