How many different ways can we access Lets find out.

Okay so I am a little bored, I don’t want to do my homework, and I need to come up with another Tips ‘n Tricks article before I loose my mojo. So I am thinking and I figure, why we gotta be so serious all the time? From there the inspiration for this article was born.

Okay enough blabbering. We all know about If you don’t, you have no idea what you are missing (literally and figuratively). But did you know about the dozens, possibly hundreds or thousands, of different domains/URLs you can access from? I kid you not; it seems the Google execs are spending their stimulus package check on domain names (okay technically it does not have to be Google execs that purchased them all; anyone could be purchasing them and pointing them at – but who cares about technicalities right?).

So far I have compiled a list of dozens of different domains/URLs which will take you to (LOL!)

All of the URLs in above list will take you to

That is one heck of a list; and this is only what I have found – there are bound to be dozens (hundreds?) more. Also, keep in mind this list is only for – the English non-country specific version of Google. It does not take into account the many different languages/countries Google operates under (such as nor the domains associated with the many different services Google offers, such as

Do you know of any more URLs from which you can access Post below. Please only post about URLs that take you to, the English version, and not a derivative.

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