The best free file backup software: GFI Backup Home Edition

In my article on FBackup I just ranted about how I am obsessed with Titan Backup. Well let me tell you my affair with Titan Backup is over; we are done – I broke up. I found myself a new love which comes in the name of GFI Backup Home Edition:


Does the interface for GFI Backup look familiar? Oh yes… now I remember: it looks just like Titan Backup! GFI Backup is literally the same thing as Titan Backup (Titan Backup is the predecessor of GFI Backup) with one difference: GFI Backup Home Edition is now free for home users. So instead of downloading old, outdated versions of Titan Backup, you can use new, free versions of GFI Backup.

To give you a run down of why I say GFI Backup is the best free file backup software, here is what GFI Backup has/can do:

  • Nice clean, easy to use interface
  • Backup registry and files/folders (including backup specific program data via pre-installed plugins)






  • Apply filters or “masks” to your backup jobs to include/exclude specific files types


  • Ability to backup files that are currently in use (via VSS)
  • Backup to a local folder, external hard drive, network folder, portable device, CD/DVD or over FTP


  • Create incremental, differential or stacked backups, compress your backups (ZIP64), and protect your backups with .ZIP level password protection or AES 256 encryption


  • Automatically do backups with the “scheduler” including at Windows shutdown or boot


  • Run a task before the backup, after the backup and shutdown/log off/sleep/hibernate computer after backup has finished


  • Restore full backup or individual files/folders


  • Sync the files and folders between two locations (two local locations or one local and one external such as network folder, USB, FTP, etc.)


  • Ability to run GFI Backup as a service

Pretty impressive features for a free program huh? Nothing more I can ask for in a file backup program except maybe the ability to backup email from online email services (such as Gmail or Hotmail) and an open platform for plugin development. Forget Titan Backup and forget FBackup (unless of course FBackup has a plugin that GFI Backup does not) – time to get GFI Backup.

The only downside to GFI Backup is that you must fill out a short form (first name, last name and email address) in order to download it. No biggie though –  if you feel too violated of your privacy you can enter fake names and email addresses because you will get a download link directly on your screen after you submit your info. However consider using real information (at least real email) so you can avoid having to register every time you want to download from GFI. You can grab GFI Backup Home Edition from the following link:

***GFI Backup  Home Edition System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium III processor or above
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended)
  • 8 MB free hard drive space
  • Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional SP2, SP3 (x86 and the x64 versions) and all editions of Windows Vista except for Vista Starter (x86 and the x64 versions)

While officially Windows 7 is not supported, people have reported it is working just fine in Win7.

Click here to get GFI Backup Home Edition

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  • Michael Long


    Sorry, only just noticed your reply.
    Yes, thank you for the suggestion. I don’t necessarily need a sync tool because I’m not too bothered about the old versions remaining; I really just wanted to know why they didn’t get deleted… if you read the documentation it warns you that if you delete a file on your PC it will also be deleted on the device you copied to! Obviously not true.
    Anyway, I will try FreeFileSync because it might suit my needs better.

  • Sputnik


    It seems that what you want to achieve is a mirroring synchronisation.

    Recently I had the same problem as yours with another software : SyncFolders.

    I easily overcomed the problem with the use of FreeFileSync : this software is really the very best free synchronisation tool on the market. You may also use this software to compare the content of two different drives or folders. Try it.

  • Mike

    I have set the “delete files that don’t exist anymore” option but it’s not deleting anything!
    1) When I look at the back-up, all the current files are there plus ones I’ve deleted! But then I thought:
    2) Maybe, it’s only when I RESTORE a backup that they get deleted?
    I tried that and that’s not the case either.
    Please help!

  • Flesher

    Thanks for the brilliant ideas. But even i want to share something. I am basically using “Ahsay software” from long time and really satisfied using this software. In my office everyone is taking backup from this software only. So its just like a review for the “Ahsay software”. If anyone there is facing the same problem can use this software. leaving a link below just­/jsp­/en­/home­/index.jsp­?pageContentKey…

  • Flesher

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  • S400

    GFI Backup is all very well – until you come to wanting to RESTORE !

    Then watch it just not work……
    I can’t restore a damn thing!

    Isn’t that great?
    But as the article points out – it is a great backup tool.
    Guess I’ll just have to copy files manually folder by folder in order to do a restore.

  • Sonny

    This definitely looks worthwhile! I couldn’t find the price though. I understand it’s a free trial, but what’s the paid version price? Also, what do you guys think about MyPCBackup? The features are here:

  • Thanks for sharing this great information aboutfile to backup.

  • Locky

    @Rob (Down Under):
    The problem with doing this is,that if your computer drive is any way corrupt,the image will be corrupt.

  • Locky

    I only do fresh backups after experiencing with most backup software over the years ,that has incremental backup functions ,missing data.

  • ebony


    Thank you :)
    I saw your reference to the Farstone on GOTD site and grab it w/serial #. Was just wondering if I needed to activate and register it or is activation enough? Also, is it a lifetime license? Could not find that info.

  • Giovanni

    Hey Ashraf!

    Just a short note to inform you and your readers that they are right now given away for FREE a great backup & recovery professional tool called “Farstone Total Recovery Express V 7.0 (hurry up ==> time limited offer).

    Grab FREE SERIAL here till you can and enjoy:

    If you miss it, give PARAGON RESCUE KIT 11.0 a try, which worked great for me as well to recover a deleted partition of my HD:

  • TomTom

    GFI BackUp 2011 – Freeware Edition does look good, although I haven’t tried it yet. It also supports something I didn’t notice in your review or others’ comments (although I may have overlooked it) — “Restore your data in minutes using common ZIP format”. That is important to me as it allows the possibility of restoring files even without the program.

    The other feature that is important, and which I could not find mentioned in the review, comments, or GRI’s website, is the ability to run this as a portable app, or at least create a bootable CD.

    Have you looked yet at Ascomp’s “Backup Maker”, Gizmo’s top choice for a free backup program ( I’ve only just begun to test, but it seems similar to GFI BackUp in some features. It also seems unable to be run portably.

  • Dru

    The version comparison table at shows the freeware as not supporting backing up of locked files. Is this an instance of negative feature creep or can it still do that?

    I have been using Genie free but it’s not been trouble-free, “forgetting” settings. I’ll look at this one. I’m looking to backup only specific things (e.g. outlook pst). I also use autover and love it for versioning of certain files.

  • Gary

    @Rob (Down Under):
    Thanks for the information. This will be a great help.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    See my post 67 (the bottom part of that post)
    You are better off using software that creates an image of your hard drive (or partition), such as the free Seagate DiscWizard.
    The image will include everything, so when restored to a drive, everything will be exactly the same as the original drive was, at the time you created the image.
    Run it from a bootable CD, and store your image on an external drive.
    I have tried creating images to DVD’s, with little success.
    And since your image would be important to you, why risk saving them to DVDs ?
    And if you are really nervous, have two docks, and alternate your images into each dock.
    In fact I have three PCs, and I do what I just recommended (alternate into two docks), for each PC.

  • Gary

    I am not a computer expert so this may be a dumb question. Using GFI Backup, can I backup
    my entire hard drive “C”, including all installed software, to a DVD disc? Thanks for any reply.

  • Brian Mills


    You can’t. GFI Backup requires that the account you’re trying to install it from have a password. So if you don’t have a password-protected account and aren’t willing to create one, don’t waste your time downloading GFI Backup.

  • Zaman

    how can i install when it asks password?

  • laurent


    no plugin available in my installation. noting about plugin on the GFI website (features etc)

  • I honestly think Microsoft Sync Toy is the best in syncing.(But no multiple volume splittig or writing to write-only media tho)
    I use the same for backup in the foward only mode..
    You will never regret reviewing it :) Its fast simple and has all the featres i was looking in a syncing programme..
    Ah and its also Free..

  • Merlin

    @Rob (Down Under):

    Magic Merlin says Thank you Rob.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    @Merlin: I reckon what you are doing is MAGIC enough

  • Merlin

    I am using Acronis (twice a week) and Syncback (for data every evening), what does this soft brings that could be more useful or interesting?

  • dog


    use of multiple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ??????????? hardly proclaims emotional stability, does it?

  • RobCr

    PS Kim, you don’t mind if I call you Ken ?
    My brain was a bit fatigued, after typing all of that, for you.

  • RobCr

    @Kimra: Ken, you asked for it.
    I recommend two approaches, and you can do both if you like.

    There is a folder called Documents and Settings
    If you came to Australia, and found a giant wombat, and you gave it Rabies.
    The mineshaft that it would dig, would be as wide, and as deep as Texas.
    The closest thing you can find to that (if you don’t come to Australia), is the ‘Documents and Settings’ folder.
    And to compound the problem, MS insists on saving all your files, somewhere in the mineshaft.
    And because they realize that Davy Crockett could not locate the files, they came up with mythical Bullsh.. folders like ‘My Documents’ and ‘My Pictures’ which actually are buried deep down the mineshaft.
    This is what I recommend, to make backing up of your Data files, easier –
    Avoid Documents and Settings like the plague.
    Create folders in your C drive all proceeded with say B_
    So you might have –
    You can create sub folders in those.
    You can train (or use Settings) your applications to store your Files in those folders.
    To make life easier, I also have a folder called c:\Downloads
    Many of my programs are trained to only save into there.
    Then when I have the time, I move them out of there, into the appropriate c:\B_ folders.
    I save all my web pages (.mht) into there. And if there were related downloads (.zip), they also are saved into there.
    There is a free program called XYPlorerFree that has Tabs.
    You can set one of the Tabs to c:\Downloads, and have that Tab sorted by Date (most recent at the top). That means when you come to move files out of downloads, they will all be clumped together, by the Date and Time you saved/downloaded them.
    You can lock that Tab so it is always on c:\Downloads, and it is always sorted by Date.
    Now the end result of all this is – You can readily back up your data files to a CD.
    Even when you are drunk, you cannot make a mistake, when pointing your CD burner software to them.

    Buy a Docking station. It is like an upturned ashtray, or breakfast bowl.
    You shove an internal 3.5″ Seagate Sata drive into it, vertically.
    It can connect to your PC via a cable (USB or eSata).
    Download the free Seagate DiscWizard program, and burn the ISO to a CD.
    That CD is bootable, so when you start your PC, with the CD in the CD drive, it will boot into the DiscWizard.
    You then choose the option to create an image of your whole drive.
    After it does that (10 to 60 minutes later), there is an option to verify the image, which I always run.
    You now have a file on your external drive that can be used to ‘Restore’ the full contents of your drive, to a new drive, or even to a new PC (I can elaborate on that trick, for you).
    This will now protect you from –
    – Screwed up Windows
    – Dying hard drive
    – Theft of PC
    I have used that DiscWizard for over a year now, and found it extremely reliable.
    I had trouble in the beginning, which I put down to me stuffing around with the image files. So here are my ‘Rules’ for not stuffing with the image files –
    Choose the location (Folder name on your ‘external’ drive) carefully, and NEVER rename or move it.
    The same rule applies to the image file. Never move or rename it.

    As a footnote, you can also use the latter (image of your drive), instead of the former (burning Data files to a CD).
    Normally I do not Install the DiscWizard on to my PC. I just use the bootable CD.
    However if you do install it (as well as having a bootable CD), you can use the installed program, to browse within any previous image. This allows you to find, and copy, anything/anywhere from your hard drive’s images.
    I don’t really recommend that you do that, instead of the CD backups. It is just nice to know that the files you do not normally back up, can also be retrieved, if needed. 

    PS my PCs are about 6 years old. I downloaded the latest DiscWizard, and it had some trouble ‘seeing’ my drives.
    I have reverted to using, my trusted copy (May 2009).
    If your PCs are old, we can work out a way to get a copy to you.
    Also XYPlorerFree is hard to get, but I can give you (all) a link to a web site, that hosts ‘old versions’ of software (aka ‘Last Free Versions’).

  • Kimra

    I am probably what you all call computer iliterate-I am just looking for something to back up my computer as I take online classes so I have something to replace if I have another computer crash-is this what I am looking for?, or is there something else simple and easy to understand for me?  Thanks  Kim

  • Thomas Williams

    Ashraf – I am running an eMachine w/ (according to Glary)
    Processor :  AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 235e Processor
    Memory : 2048MB(Speed  400)
    Mother Board : MCP61PM-GM
    Windows Version : Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
    Monitor : Generic PnP Monitor
    Video Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
    (which is a fine setup) and is x64 version.   GFI seems to be working as intended.
      Keep up the good work and thanks to the GOATD team – Tom

  • No system image backups and no bootable media support .
    That’s a big no to me !

  • Ken

    I am darn PISS OFF with GFI !!!!

  • Ken

    GFI is rubbish !!  Lost some of my precious data when synching with an external drive.

  • Spokes

    Does this software use the archive bit? If so, and if you have more than one such backup program in use on your computer, your incremental backups could easily miss files.

  • janet


    Which softwares had the problem of incomplete backups? GFI? How on earth can one check each time you do a backup of a large folder with many subfolders??? If you backup My Documents, would you have to open two windows–one with the original and one of the backup and go thru file by file in folder by folder to see if they were all there…?

  • Reality Check

    You can download GFI Home BAckup 2009 free edition here, without having to register or turn your email over.

  • Reality Check

    This would be IDEAL if it didn’t require you to turn over your email address to them.

  • Sunny

    Following on Janet’s first msg, I’ve done tests with various backup software, especially testing for integrity in incremental backup results. I’ve been very disappointed most times to find that backup files are indeed missing in subfolders even though the operation was reported by the software as ‘successful’.

    I advise everyone to always run thorough tests on their chosen backup software when using the ‘incremental’ function to make sure that their files have actually been backed up.

    I found that the errors got worse with larger backups over 1Gb. So test on something pretty big if you want to use the software for serious backups.

    *Errors are unlikely to show up in small-sized tests.

    It also pays to regularly run a fresh full backup which will iron out the errors of the unreliable incremental backups.

    Best to know up front what your backup software is capable of before investing your faith in it.

  • Janetb

    Well, it’s a few months later…..I wanted to let readers know that I have verified (from GFI) that GFI Backup doesn’t have UNICODE support and consequently that GFI DOES NOT BACK UP files in foreign languages with non-Latin character sets!!! No backups for files in Hebrew/Arabic/Chinese/Japanese/etc etc.!!!

  • Janet

    I seem to recall that in Titan you had an option not to create the path in the backup but rather just the folder itself, but I can’t find that setting in GFI….

  • mukhi

    i think i should report. i now remember, i actually went to their forum some time before, and i believe they asked me for a log, but i forgot about this! ok, will do again.
    your site is making me switch to free (good) SW from fishy, cracked SW…LOL…i appreciate it!

  • Ashraf

    @mukhi: Ohhhh I see. This may have been a new change made after v1.5. Do you mind reporting this to GFI and see if they can fix it?

  • mukhi

    my source is P and destination is Q. what GFI is doing is that it is making a “mybackup…” folder, inside this, it is making another “mybackup…” folder, inside this, it is creating P folder and copying the contents of the source right there. i don’t want that! since my contents exist in the destination in the P folder (which is inside the 1st “mybackup…” folder, which, in turn, is inside the root), GFI is creating another “extra” copy in the “wrong” place! i tried the other way as well. i put my contents in the destination inside the 2nd “mybackup…” folder and then run GFI. still failure. but titan 1.5 is not doing this mistake.

  • Janet


    I think I understood what incremental and differential are…My point was that, strangely enough, that is not what the GFI and TITAN HELP say….:-)….

    I have done some homework as well…Get this:
    I had a GFI backup of a 1.2GB folder. The source is on ext HD H:\ and the backup is on ext HD I:\….I was pleased to see that this gave me not only the the .gbt backup file, but also a full mirror (so I can se what’s what)….Well, I did an incremental AND differential backup, and GFT told me it was “completed successfully”. Just to be sure, I checked it out on SwiftCompare (my sync prog) and guess what…files were missing!!!! So now I am wondering how far down into subfolders GFI goes, as the missing files were in folders quite a few levels down….

    Ashraf: GFI’s HELP also says that incremental backup includes “version control”, but I didn’t see any….Wouldn’t it just be the stacked backups that have version control?

  • Ashraf

    @mukhi: Wait so let me understand what you are trying to say.

    You are trying to do an incremental backup to a folder that already has the contents you want to backup. GFI will not recognize the contents and overwrite them when running the backup but Titan 1.5 does recognize them? Ok let me test this out really fast.

  • mukhi

    yah, i tried, i think GFI has some bug which does not allow me to do a back-up in an already existing backed-up drive (as described above), however, GFI works in an empty destination drive, and then if you continue, it still works. titan 1.5 recognizes both!

  • Ashraf

    @Janet: Yes they are.

    @mukhi: I don’t know what is wrong but I do not face this same problem when creating incremental backups. In fact I just ran one right now and it only backed up the new files and finished in under 2 minutes. Nor do I ever get an error. I agree with Janet in the idea that it is hard to believe Titan 1.5 works on something when GFI does not because Titan is GFI. Neobytes sold Titan Backup to GFI and they turned it into GFI Bckup.

    There may be something wrong with your settings. Or maybe your installation is corrupt. Did you try reinstalling it?

  • mukhi

    UPDATE: @Janet
    please read my previous comments (#29). i am talking about a “continued” back-up. in my case, before i have used these SWs both source and destination drives had the same files and folders. i knew either of these SWs creates a folder called “my backup…” and then creates a folder (named as the drive letter, say P, of the source drive) inside this folder in the destination drive and puts all files and folders of the source drive in P of destination. in the root of the destination, another file is created by the SW (.gbt in GFI). so what i did is that i started the SW, once the .gbt was created in destination (takes ~30s), i saw “my backup…” folder and inside it P folder in destination as well. i stopped SW and deleted whatever was created inside P in the destination (as the SW started backing-up which i don’t want as i already have everything in the destination root which is identical to source root! remember, i said i already have identical files and folders in both! i didn’t want to waste time by copying my 600 GB of files again.). now, i “moved” “those files and folders” in the P folder of destination. after this, i run SW again. technically, as the root of source and the P folder of destination had the “same files and folders”, back-up should finish within minutes as there was nothing to “back-up” then (the SW is supposed to compare and finish)! titan 1.5 did this when GFI gave error message. with titan 1.5, i could be able to continue further by adding more files in source and then running differential back-up.

  • mukhi

    here back-up simply means a way to create a mirror (of the files, say A & B of the source drive) in the destination drive. incremental means if you do change A or B or both or/and add C in the source drive, the next time you do the incremental back-up, you will see the new A or new B or both or/and added C in the destination drive. differential means if you do modify A and delete B and add C in the source drive, the next time you do the differential back-up, you will see the new A, no B and added C in the destination drive. if you would do incremental in this case, you would see new A, old B, and added C in the destination drive. titan 1.5 is doing it, but GFI is failing with error message!

  • Janet


    Well, that sure is hard to believe….:-)….! Isn’t that what backups are for..???? You only back up to an emty destination ONCE–after that, your backup is always just adding files to and deleting files from your first backup so that it continues to “mirror the source”….I THINK WE NEED ASHRAF HERE…….:-)….!!!!!

    This is actually the very point that always confused me with backups (as a result of which I tend to synchronize instead…). The problem is in the Titan/GFI HELP wording which is VERY confused:

    It says incremental backup
    1. “replaces the previous backup files”
    2. “backs up only changed files”!

    According to this, you would lose the major portion of your backup and be left with only the few files that had been changed!!!!

    My understanding was that incremental backups ADD additional ‘mini-back-ups’ (i.e., the added files), so that after you do a few incremental backups over time, you would have one BIG (i.e., the original) backup file, and a few small (i.e., the incremental, added) backup files. But this is NOT what the HELP says–they clearly place incremental backups in the category of REPLACEMENT backups! That’s what I don’t get and why I still haven’t done a backup beyond the original backup that clearly has everything….

    According to the GFI/Titan Help, the second type of ‘Replacement’ backup is ‘differential’ which it says “deletes files from current backup that don’t exist anymore in the source location”. What is meant here by the “current backup”??? The original? The last incremental?

  • mukhi

    @Janet and amnesia
    although it looks like they are the same (i thought as well), but functionally, they are showing difference! GFI is probably OK if you have one HDD with stuffs (source) and the other with nothing (destination). however, if you have two HDDs with identical stuffs in there (one is already the mirror or back-up of the other), and you want to save some new stuff in source and then use SW to back-up in the other (incremental or differential), GFI does not work while titan 1.5 works!

  • amnesia

    Sorry, I misunderstood. Yeah, I thought they were basically the same.

  • Janet


    Yes….So what about Muki’s comment:
    “it turns out to me the way i was doing….is not accepted by GFI, but ….the same back-up is successful with titan 1.5”?

    Sounds like he’s saying you can do something with Titan that you can’t wwith GFI, no? That was the point of my post….

  • amnesia

    “GFI Backup is literally the same thing as Titan Backup (Titan Backup is the predecessor of GFI Backup) with one difference: GFI Backup Home Edition is now free for home users.”

  • Janet


    and Ashraf:
    Isn’t GFI and (discontinued) Titan the same program?

  • mukhi

    i have figured out what was going wrong with my back-up. it turns out to me the way i was doing (which actually made sense) is not accepted by GFI, but by titan 1.5. now that the same back-up is successful with titan 1.5, i would strongly suggest to use titan 1.5 instead of GFI.

  • Ashraf

    @face: Hmm sounds to me like GFI is planning on having one of those “Install Ask Toolbar” or “Install Yahoo Toolbar” options in the near future.

  • face

    What do you know about this (from the GFI EULA)?

    22. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: The Product is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws and treaties. You hereby acknowledge that third-party software may be incorporated into the Product. GFI Software or, to the extent such third-party software is incorporated, its licensors, own all title, copyright, and other intellectual property rights in and to the Product.

  • mukhi

    can somebody please tell me what’s going wrong with my back-up with GFI described above?

  • Faith

    Much thanks for this. I’ve been looking for a way to back up my files – have been on alert to GOTD and found GFI via Ashraf.

    Much appreciated for your expertise.


  • Ashraf

    @Jeff Taylor: File backing up programs are usually easier to use when wanted to backup and restore only a certain files instead of your whole computer. So if you want to backup your whole computer/partition go with image backup. If you just need certain files to be backed up go with a file backup program.

  • Jeff Taylor

    Welcome back. Here’s a broad question for you. Considering the great free image backup programs available, I have trouble seeing why I would want to use a file backup application. Am I missing something? What are the advantages of using this type of program instead of an imaging program?

  • UniCode

    hello there.

    Is this backup unicode compliant?
    Titan one is not, which makes it useless (for many)

  • mukhi

    @Janet Berg:
    unlike some other “crazy” back-up software, both titan and GFI do not give some special format when backed-up, but in the destination drive, you get what you “exactly” had in the source drive, e.g., you get “black or white” MP3 song file in michael jackson folder. differential is pretty easy, it deletes everything in the destination what is not presented in the source. this means if in the source, you delete some files, you do not have to delete in the destination, this back-up software should do this job. incremental does not do it, incremental simply copies the files of the source in the destination. if you delete some files in the source after the previous back-up, those files still stay in the destination if incremental is used as option for the current back-up.

  • Janet Berg


    Boy o boy–do I empathize!!! Your post sounds exactly like something I would have done…! But I am confused–what sort of format does the GFI Backup give? I assume it is not propietary because Titan wasn’t–it could give you the backup as an exe file. In your case, did it actually give you a COPY (so you could see exactly what was there and open and look at all of the files)? If so, does a differential backup simply make all the changes in the copy that had been made to the original since the first backup was made? If so, isn’t that syncronizing? I have always been a little unclear about backups vs. syncronization (see my earlier post above)…..

  • mukhi

    GFI is not working for me! i am trying to explain here what i did:

    i tried to do a back-up from one flash drive to the other. when i inserted the two in my laptop, the 1st one showed up as E whereas the 2nd one as F. when i backed up E drive in F drive , “all files and folders” of E drive was created within a folder “E” (which was within a folder “MyBackup1” which was existing in root of F drive) in F drive . success! well, i thought, it should work in the same way for my external hard drives. i inserted my HDDs and they showed up as P (my source drive) and Q (my destination drive). now, here “all files and folders” were existing in root of both HDDs. therefore, i thought why waste time? just back-up the new files of P drive! i knew then GFI works this way:
    “all files and folders” of source drive is created within a folder “X” (drive letter of source drive which was within a folder “MyBackup…” which exists in root of destination drive) in destination drive.
    hence, i created a folder “MyBackup2” in root of my destination drive. then created a folder “P” within the folder “MyBackup2”. and, now, i put all files and folders of destination drive within “P”. opened GFI, started a new job as “MyBackup2”, source drive was assigned as P and destination drive as Q, selected differential back-up. after a minute, the job failed, the error message was “cannot create back-up in destination”.

    i used to back-up by EMC retrospect (old version) which is not working in windows vista.

  • @Janet Berg: Wow, I sure am glad I like to neglect backups!

  • Janet Berg

    Two more excerpts from GFI forums:

    “I noticed that the minimum timeframe that backups or synchronizations can take place is 1 hour.
    While that may be sufficient for your daily backups, it is insufficient for the synchronisation of folders in my opinion.

    It would be much better if one is able to configure scheduler so that the synchronization interval takes place in minutes or even seconds instead of just hours.”

    “Right now, GFI Backup 2009 will ignore empty folder (as there’s no data inside them). However, I see that some people needs to have a full backup, including empty folders, so I will add this feature on our requested feature list.”

  • Janet Berg


    This is from the GFI forums:
    “If you select the entire C: partition when you make a new backup, GFI Backup 2009 – Home Edition will tell you that you will not be able to restore your operating system from this new backup. Right now, you have to reinstall your operating system and your programs, then you can restore your data files and program settings.

    ……..we indeed have “drive image support” on the feature requests list which is being considered for future versions.

  • Data is the most precious thing in the computer and we often reflects carelessness towards it.GFI Backup is an awesome and free tool to backup and recover your data.

  • amesia

    @ Janet Berg

    I always use revo to uninstall, it doesn’t seem leave as much rubbish behind.

  • Janet Berg


    1. When I had a look at my Titan before going to remove it, there was a curious file in the folder: UNWISE.EXE. Guess what it turned out to be–the uninstall .exe….:-)…! Cute….

    2. Is it best to totally uninstall Titan (Revo Uninstall) before installing GFI?

    3. I always have been very nervous about backup programs because you have no way of knowing what it in fact has done….I was always afraid that MAYBE I wasn’t setting something right and thus maybe it wasn’t backing up what I wanted or maybe it was deleting stuff it shouldn’t be…That’s why I have been sync-ing as well. I use SwiftCompare (in addition to Titan) because I can see everything it wants to do before it does it…and then do the deleting bit by bit. The problem is that it takes a long time. I have all my personal files on an external HD (~120GB) which I copied to a second ext.HD. Much of it is hi-res photos and 2&3d graphics, which tend to be very large files. So folders take very long to load (my GRAPHICS folder is 2.5 GB). It’s particularly difficult if I have changed a lot of file and folder names and moved them to different folders. I take the time to do the sync-ing simply because I check everything I will be deleting first. It sure would be easier to just press a button and know that the results will be exactly what I have….I use Titan too, but only because I have the constantly-synced copy of everything on the second HD as well.

    How do you know your backup is really doing what you wanted it to do???

    Thanks as usual–I have been wanting to ask someone about this for years….

  • gmon

    Thanks for pointing me here from the mail backup reply Ash, I missed this one.

  • Robert

    Three cheers for Ashraf. Thanks for putting in your time on checking out all this stuff for us, so that we can zero in on what we want to scope out further so much more quickly.

    Adios Titan, hola GFI!!

  • Ashraf

    @DR HOMBALKAR: Check your email please.


    dear Ashraf
    Can you please provide an alternative link.
    This server is taking too long to respond.
    dr nitin

  • Ashraf

    @MikeR: Hire me please. I have a family to feed: 4 wives and 15 little children.

    On a serious note, come to think of it I go more off-topic than anyone else yet I censor people for that telling them to go to the forums. Shame on me. Guess what they say is true: power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • MikeR

    Pallen: lighten up.

    This isn’t a paid-for subscriber site.

    When you start putting money in Ashraf’s pocket, then maybe you’ll have some basis for grumbling that he’s decided to go off on a family holiday. . .

    . . . though such criticism would only be justified if what you’d spent had been equivalent to buying-in, at a commercial rate, the kind of advice Ashraf provides and the kind of work he so freely undertakes.

    The kind of comment you posted was the equivalent of someone who receives a gift and then complains about the wrapping paper.

  • I would just like to thank Ashraf for all his time and effort. We’re not paying him for this. Do you guys know how much an I/T consultant charges for this type of service? Remember Ashraf is doing this for free. You may agree or disagree but at least encourage the lad.

  • Ozzie

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one Ashraf! Titan banished to the wilderness; GFI installed in its place!

  • Ashraf

    @pallen: Apologies if I offended you but calm down >.>’. I have been nothing but friendly.

  • pallen


  • Ashraf

    @pallen: I understood what you said. It was just an awkward comment so I gave an awkward response. Feel free to criticize me but I would appreciate it if you didn’t call me a pig.

    I will always continue to write about different software… that is the only way to survive in this technology blog world. Not all software I write about will be 100% unique of each other. So far GFI Backup is the best free backup program I have run into. If I find another one that is better, I will write about it. If I find another one that is not better but worth mentioning I will write about it. No one told you to download everything I write about >.>’. Download what you need and don’t download what you don’t need. Usually I am good about telling people if XXX is better than the previous XXX software I wrote about.

    Lastly, no offense taken… if you disregard the pig comment. ;)

  • pallen

    @Ashraf: Huh?When you kick a pig in the butt he goes Huh Huh.I guess it went over your head.After I download this are yoy going to come out with another next week,that I will need change to.Install then uninstall so on.

  • Back when I first discovered GOATO I started downloading everything I could get,on the off chance that I can use this some day! Well after severial months went by my hard drive became cluttered with programs that I could not find when I needed it or lost in the clutter of useless programs. There was on person who I discovered that gave honest evaluations of the programs that GAOTD offered. That led me to searching for Ashraf’s comments before I downloaded any software. Then Ashraf started his own site and it’s become a very valueable site for me.
    Thanks Ashraf for the time and effort you invest giveing us all great advice and programs.

  • Ashraf

    @pallen: Huh? o_O. Is this one of those bitter sweet moments?

  • pallen

    You vary like the weather in Chicago.You play host to a part time website,oh maybe I’ll give a review about GAOTD,and by the way I think so little of this stuff I’m taking a vacation,not 1-2 weeks but 3 months and wish you all were here and good luck all you dumb loyal fans.Sorry I needed to get it off my chest,we’re still friends I hope.

  • David Roper

    I filled out the “long form” as well. My God, all it asked for was my name and email address. I was expecting a page full of input blanks. No problemo on this one. Nice find, Good “divorce”, Ashraf.

  • Tortuga

    Hi Ash :D

    So, TitanBackup is no more!??
    The page is redirected – They subbed it by this new/old ~same sw …

    Well Well, this is totally a Fake divorce!!
    Ha AhAh you scoundrel!
    No Party then! Darn!!!!! *sniff*

  • Mario

    Before writing to you I’ve done that already from inside Titan Backup and got to GFI, so that’s why I taught it would be save to uninstall it. Just wanted to be sure.

  • Ashraf

    @Mario: It was more like a change in 5 mins :P

    @Tortuga: I am a good boy… I have no parties.

    @Mario: Indeed.

    Titan Backup is actually even discontinued now. Trying going to to see what I mean.

  • Mario

    now on to a more practical info : my version of Titan is If I understood correctly from what you wrote, is it worthwhile to delete it and maintain only the new GFI Backup, correct?

  • Tortuga

    So So Sorry Ash

    Now tell me, there are these new “Break up” or “Divorce” parties. Its the new “IN” thing to do for hipsters :-)
    So, are we all going to be invited or what?

    Yes, I’ll check out this new love of yours.


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    you’re VERY emotionally unstable Ashraf! How can you love FOREVER in the morning and break up and change love in the evening???????????????? Shame on you!!
    I’ll download it IMMEDIATELY!!!