Free Cloud System Booster v1.1.1! [48 hours only]

Software Description

The following is a description of  Cloud System Booster, as per the developer:

Cloud System Booster is a new innovative system maintenance & optimization tool based on cloud technology. It’s a strong all-in-one PC repair and system maintenance program with Four powerful functions:

  • Cleaner: Analyzing and cleaning unneeded files that slow down a PC in a fast way.
  • Optimizer: Optimizing items that impact PC performance to speed up computer for a better performance.
  • Repair: Finding and repairing PC errors in a smart way
  • Application Cleaner and Optimizer: Analyzing the installed applications on a PC to clean and optimize them to make PC run at a peak performance.

It’s designed for both PC novices and professional users, with one-click a day for simple computer boost and typical expert mode for professional PC fix.

You can see a more complete feature list on the developer’s website.

dotTech Advice

We actually just covered Cloud System Booster yesterday on Windows Software of the Day. It’s a nice looking program, and is quite customizable, but it’s not clear if it does anything special. It certainly has quite some potential, but I’ve unfortunately not used it for long enough to tell what difference it’s made.

Freebie Details

Cloud System Booster is being given out by Daily Software Giveaway.

Here’s some information about the giveaway:

  • Version being given away: v1.1.1
    • Free updates: none
    • Free technical support: none
    • 180-day license only
  • Supported OS: Windows XP+
  • Download size: 9.7MB – 1/42

First, visit Daily Software Giveaway to give them the ad revenue to make up for this thank them. Then, you can either scroll to the bottom to download CSB, or just download it directly from them by clicking here. Once downloaded, install it first using the bundled installer and then start it up. Copy the registration key from ReadMe.txt into Cloud System Booster et voila, one Pro CSB:

If you have trouble getting Cloud System Booster for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • dan

    these are a little old , da. “CSB” – july 7, 2012 bout time to take them down…

  • Tom



  • dan

    Who wants a freebie for only 180 days?
    Thanks anyhow but not me.

  • Laurie

    Same problem Progam Corrupted my windows XP installation – would not boot up

  • Jyo

    A lot of these system optimizer programs don’t do squat! The only way to speed up your system is to defrag from time to time and clean your startup entries/services entries.

    Trust me, I use to be one of those folks who tried out every “system optimizer” program out there and 90% of the time it either didn’t do anything or caused more problems. The worst offenders are those that offer to “defrag your registry” – BAD IDEA! Even registry cleaners very rarely help, contrary to most beliefs – google it!

    The only reliable “optimizer” program I keep nowadays is CCleaner, to clean temporary data and manage startup entries (although this can already be done in msconfig). That’s it. I don’t use WinUtilities, TuneUp Utilities, or IOBit whatnot anymore. They are redundant and bloatware.

  • Reginald

    Bloody well put Frank! I want to see clouds it will be from an AirBus!

  • WKKos

    I installed yesterday Cloud System Booster 1.1.1 Free version, and then I run it on my Win XP SP3 Pro machine. My TuneUp Utilities 2010 displayed a warning: “Your Prefetch folder has been flushed”. Yes, TuneUp Utilities was right: I saw my Prefetch folder completely empty! Even the layout.ini (Configuration Settings) file was deleted! Cloud System Booster did a very bad thing. It was a myth for some time several years ago that the Win XP Prefetch folder should be flushed from time to time. But, it was a myth only. Even the CCleaner team resolved long ago to NOT clean the Prefetch folder. Correct. There are many professional sources on the Web, which clearly state that the Win XP Prefetch folder should never by cleaned. Some of them were (the links given below were live at the time I investigated the issue):,,,,
    and many more. All agreeably state and substantiate why the Prefetch folder should NOT be cleaned. Period. I wrote this morning to the developers of Cloud System Booster – no reaction yet.
    Anyway, my warning is: do NOT use Cloud System Booster on Win XP.

  • Injeun

    @Jerzy Cholewka: Same here. Every click opened notepad. Couldn’t access system restore. Neither would Cloud System Booster open. Unfortunately, I reinstalled/repaired my windows operating system, only to find the same problems…blue screens, etc. Then I was able to find my way to the Cloud Booster System Program folder in Programs, opened it and found backup files for the changes it had made. I right clicked the backup files and chose Merge, which restored my system back to normal. Only now I had to do a boatload of MS updated because I had reinstalled the OS. Took me all night. It seems the default settings in Cloud System Booster are super aggressive. And anyone who clicks to run it in default mode without first checking the settings is setting themselves up for disaster.

    Again, if anyone has this problem….navigate to the Cloud System Booster Program folder, and look for the backup files it made before trashing your system. Right click those backup files and choose Merge. You should then be back to norm.

  • Frank

    Bleeding hell!
    It seems today EVERYONE has to do some “cloud”!
    BTW: I created a cloud enabled notepad! It is able to save to cloud-drives connected as driveletter.

    Personally I would distrust any Cloud-App more than any usual app as it can change its behavior every other day. A software on my drive is at is is today, a cloud software might do anything tomorrow…

    Just my 2 cents.

  • My personal experience, yesterday when trying to download Cloud System Booster, Bitdefender popped out an alert there is a trojan piggybacking on program.

  • Jerzy Cholewka

    I installed yesterday Cloud System Booster and after using it for clean up, my computer crashed at booting (blue screen). It did it even in the safe mode, which prevented me from running the System Restore. Fortunately I had a very recent Paragon backup and it saved me from a big trouble of re-installation of Windows.

    The program found plenty of “errors”, but it damaged inadvertently my computer. I will never try this software again and recommend anyone to exert the maximum caution in its usage.