Mobile devices are more popular than computers in China

According to a report by the Chinese government’s Internet Network Information Center, 538 million Chinese are online. Those 538 million people own a total of 768 million Internet-accessing devices. Out of those 768 million devices, 388 million are mobile devices (presumably smartphones and tablets) while 380 million are traditional PCs (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.). That means the Chinese are using mobile devices to access the Internet more than orthodox computers.

It is worth mentioning one of the primary reasons for this new Chinese trend is most likely the fact that China is still not a ‘first-world’ country. Although China is rising, it is still very much considered to be a developing nation. As a developing nation, many parts of China doesn’t have access to reliable wired broad Internet connections, rather depending on wireless access. In the wireless Internet access world, mobile devices dominate.

Who would have guessed this day would arrive so quickly? Now let’s see how quickly this happens in developed nations.

[via, image credit Engadget]

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