Firefox OS is available for download for testing on your computer

Firefox OS, Mozilla’s attempt at a mobile operating system and formally known as Boot To Gecko, is now available for testing on your computer.

If you run Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux you can head over to Mozilla’s FTP website to download nightly builds of Firefox OS. Since they are, after all, nightly builds (Firefox OS isn’t even in Beta yet) you should not expect a fully finished product and you will more than likely face bugs and crashes. Still, though, being able to test Firefox OS on your computer is fun in and of itself. Take note Firefox OS is intended to be a mobile operating system so you won’t be able to get a true feeling for it on your non-touch traditional computer.

For Linux, Mozilla is providing source tars which you can build yourself; for Windows and Mac OS X, Firefox OS has been packaged into executables. Although the Windows and Mac OS X versions come in neat packages, there is still some configuring you need to do before you can get into Firefox OS but it isn’t a very difficult process; the instructions on how to setup Firefox OS on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux can be found on Mozilla’s Gaia/Hacking page (link given below).

You can grab Firefox OS nightly builds from the links below. Be sure to share with us in the comments your thoughts on Firefox OS and, if you decide to download it, your experience with it.

Firefox OS nightly build FTP repository

[Direct download – Windows installer v17.0a1]

[Direct download – Mac OS X installer v17.0a1]

[Direct download – Linux v17.0a1]

Gaia/Hacking page

[via Engadget | Image credit: ArsTechnica]

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  • a0hah

    haw i can dwo it

  • Jessey

    The page has been delleted and merged. Why can’t they at lest have one x86 iso that we can run in virtualbox like you can do with android.

  • mukhi

    @Liam K: no, it’s not like chromeOS (chromeOS is a cloud OS). it will just be another OS in your mobile phone like iOS, android, symbian, windows…

    @Ashraf: interesting…today, google chrome is showing this page has insecure contents and it is making the page address start with https

  • Wait wait wait. Firefox OS? I thought it was talking about a mobile version of Firefox. Shouldn’t it be called Mozilla OS? Firefox is a browser lol… Unless it’s supposed to be similar to ChromeOS, where there is only a browser.

  • Ashraf

    @mukhi: If I remember correctly, Boot To Gecko was originally designed to be able to be installed on any phone. I dont know about FF OS.

  • mukhi

    whole bunch of questions…
    will it be a free OS in future?
    if answer to the above is yes, can we use it keeping our existing mobile OS or we must keep one of the two?
    BTW, i am writing now from symbian belle in my nokia n8…