Final version of Windows 8 now available for download through MSDN and TechNet

Dying for a taste of Windows 8? Windows 8 Previews not cutting it for you? Well wait no longer… if you have access to MSDN and/or TechNet.

Microsoft has released Windows 8 RTM (Release-To-Manufacturing) to MSDN and TechNet subscribers; this is the version of Windows that will be on sale in October, so consider it the ‘final’ version of Windows before post-release patches. Anyone that has access to MSDN or TechNet can hit up the respective websites and download Windows 8 now. If you don’t have access to MSDN or TechNet, you can fork up $699 for a MSDN subscription, pay $349 for a TechNet subscription, or just wait your damn turn until Windows 8 is released to the public on October 26.

[via Engadget | Image credit: Wikipedia]

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  • Francoise De Smet

    I can’t find on Microsoft’e website if the Preview Release has an expiration. I have a free hard drive to try it, but will it continue forever, or will it stop working after x days?

  • @JT:

    Gotta admit – I couldn’t make sense of this, either!
    Also how much can your kid get it for thru school???


  • JT

    Hmmmm…over $300 or wait two months and pay $40? I’ll definitely wait!!