Take cover! Get hail and storm alerts with Weather Alarm [Android]

Get inside! A major hail storm is about to begin!

The free Weather Alarm app warns you in advance of storms so you can be prepared. It works in a way not many weather apps do: instead of relying on 3rd party alert feeds, Weather Alarm works by processing radar imagery on their own servers. This allows them to make quicker, independent decisions about upcoming storms, without having to wait for some no-name weather service to send them data.

Weather Alarm is theoretically quite useful. It sends alerts about upcoming hail, snow, and rainstorms to your devices up to two hours before they happen, all based on radar imagery. Unfortunately, it’s been a beautiful week this week, and there’s been absolutely no chance to test out its warning abilities. However, it did show¬†precipitation cells–areas with relatively uniform precipitation–in my area that were not headed towards me.

It’s a great app for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors. Instead of getting caught in a freak thunderstorm, you’ll have a Weather Alarm alert warning you of the impending danger before it strikes. Unfortunately, it only works in the United States, Slovenia, Croatia, and parts of neighboring countries.

Weather Alarm is a nice weather alert app for anyone who likes to have lots of sources to back up their weather alerts. Since it’s a relatively untested technology, I’d definitely recommend pairing it with another weather app such as The Weather Channel, but even alone, it should make for a relatively interesting app.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v1.30

Requires: Android 1.5+

Download size: 923KB

Weather Alarm on Play Store

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