Download things easily with DownTango, a simple and easy to use download manager [Windows]

How do you download files on your computer? Do you use your browser’s built-in download management tool? Most people do. However, those tools generally lack configurability, and can sometimes even be slower than dedicated programs. DownTango is a tool that’s just as easy to use as your browser’s downloading tool, but is much more customizable.

If you’re trying to watch a movie while downloading a large file, you might experience some lag as your computer attempts to optimize downloading by speeding up the wrong download. DownTango lets you set a maximum download speed, ensuring you never have to worry about using up all of your bandwidth again. It also lets you choose how many threads to create for each file, and the number of parallel downloads. Parallel downloads are especially important for anyone who downloads from file sharing sites that delete the URLs given to users after a short amount of time. If you try to download lots of files, some browsers will pause the fourth and subsequent downloads to wait for the first three. In DownTango, you’re a click away from setting it to any number in the world.

DownTango also theoretically supports automatic captchas. Where exactly it supports them is anyone’s guess, but it may come in handy one day. From Preferences, you can also turn on Browser integration to make Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer automatically funnel all of their downloads through DownTango. It’s a great little download manager for anyone who doesn’t want to overcomplicate their downloading lives but wants more than their browser can offer.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP+

Download size: 13.5MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 1/41

Portability: Requires installation

DownTango homepage

[via AddictiveTips]

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  • I had the same problem as Moe and John. Disabling the “browser plug-in 1.0.01? solved the problem. So why didn’t they call it “DownTango plugin”?

    Threatfire also flagged DownTango as suspicious with a “high” risk. Too risky for me, and after the fiasco with it hijacking Firefox downloads and hiding itself from complete uninstallation by Revo AND IOBIT uninstaller, I’m not prepared to go anywhere near this thing.

  • Eric

    Thanks! I might give it a try.

  • Josh

    My apologies. Yes, it is now called MetaProducts Download Express, found here:

    Depending on your setup, there may be compatibilty problems.

    The website states that it works on Windows up to XP, but once installed, it says Vista ready. I use it on XP SP3 with IE8 and FF5. Don’t know about Win 7 or 8 and newer browsers.

    It works in IE and Firefox, and includes a right click menu item you can use in Opera. You can also enter (copy and paste) a URL and download directly without using a browser.

    You have to install an add-on patch for FF. The patch can be downloaded from the same page – scroll down to the bottom. That are 2 patches. One for FF v1 and v2 and another one for later versions. The latter is the one I use. The patch is easy to install. Instructions are on the site. FF tries to block the download of the patch, but I simply click on “allow it” and have never had any problem. After installing DE – with the add-on patch – it is easy to operate.

    DE is free for private use, but not for business use. Also, to get the scheduling feature, you have to purchase a licence. That’s why I only use it during waking hours, when I can start it manually and shut down my PC myself when it is finished.

    Having answered your question, I must add that DE is not much faster than FDM, so if the process seems daunting, I would suggest you stick with just FDM and not bother with DE. It just happened to be on my system when I installed FDM and both are working nicely for me.

  • Eric

    I like Free Download Manager also. It is powerful and simple.
    I can’t find any info about Download Express Plus. Are you talking about MetaProducts Download Express? Searching for Download Express Plus only gives results for downloading an email program called “Express Plus”.

  • John


    An update,

    Looks like that is the little blighter that may have been causing the problems as since disabling I have been able to download as per usual.

    Next question is how to delete it entirely rather than just disabling?


  • John


    In my plugins I have a “browser plug-in 1.0.01” no description or anything, so that is the only suspicious looking thing to me.

    Of course that may also be a normal plug-in, and until I disable it and try it who knows, we shall soon see.

    Thanks fellas for your help, I’ll keep you posted.


  • @Ashraf: @John: @Moe: I still have it installed on my system, so I’ll try removing it soon and see what happens. I’m sure it’s possible to remove it.

  • Ashraf

    @Moe and @John: I haven’t downloaded this myself but by reading what Locutus has said above, it looks like this may install plugins in your browsers. Have you tried to manually remove the plugins/addons/extensions?

  • John


    Hi Moe,

    Yes I to am now having the same issues as you, and have uninstalled using Revo, but like you this thing still hijacks my downloads but does nothing more than that, it doesn’t actually download anything, I just get the message “my download was downtangoed”.



  • Moe

    Nightmare to disable or uninstall. Used CCleaner to uninstall this app. Closed and restarted both my Chrome and Firefox browsers but I can’t go back to my default downloaders in either of these 2 browsers as that has been hijacked by this “tango” thingy. Uninstalled and then reinstalled both browsers, searched and deleted reg files but still this thing persists in capturing my downloads…disabled all clipboard monitoring and web browser integration options but its hidden somewhere! How do I get rid of this thing now please??!!

  • Josh

    May be better than standard, built-in downloaders, but still far too limited in the options department. I think I shall stay with Download Express Plus for daytime use and Free Download Manager for night-time use. DEP is faster, but FDM has more options for setting up the time to start downloads from multiple sites and shutting down your PC when downloads are finished. You can download flash, torrents and ftp with FDM. Both can resume downloads, plus do all that this little one does. Neither one is complicated and both are relatively small and unobtrusive, so I do not see any reason not to use them instead.

  • John

    How does it compare to IDM for instance, or are they two entirely different download managers?