Want to put out fires with a water cannon for fun? Try Sprinkle: Water splashing fire fighting fun! [iPhone]

Sprinkle: Water splashing fire fighting fun! is a physics puzzler with a unique twist. You are given a water cannon mounted on a crane with the goal being to put out the fires (created by meteors). If you don’t put the fires out in time, they will engulf several straw houses and it will be game over. The water canon is quite maneuverable, as you can move up and down on the crane and also change your squirting angle. The concept seems like it would be fairly simple, but the developer has created a series of obstacles that make many levels quite difficult. Along the way, you will encounter wheels, traps, boulders, blocks of ice, cogs, and many other objects, all of which are meant to make this game a true physics puzzler. By the way, I should mention that you only have a limited amount of water to use, so squirt wisely.

Although it took a couple minutes, I finally got used to the game play and I was hooked on Sprinkle. The water physics is truly accurate as water goes exactly where you would expect it and even pools up in areas it should. I was also quite impressed by Sprinkle’s user interface, as it was quite aesthetically pleasing. I have only played a handful of levels and there is already some challenge, so I can’t wait to see what level 72 brings.

Price: $1.99 (Currently Free!!!)

Version discovered: 1.7

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 4.0 and up

Download size: 18.2 MB

Sprinkle: Water splashing fire fighting fun! on iTunes

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