Build and destroy words with Letris 2 [Android]

Are you a fan of words and letters? Letris is a word-based game–rather, three word-based games in one–that involve selecting and removing words from a Tetris-like field.

Letris has three different game modes. In the first, titled Letris, letters fall from the ceiling. You have to select words from the collecting letters. The second, called Acronymus, requires you to find a word to make out of every last given letter. WordMatrix is probably the most relaxing. In it, you just have to remove a bunch of words from a pre-filled grid.

If you own a tablet, you’ll also get a fun split-screen mode. When you get a word, it’ll be thrown over the board to your opponent–and theirs to yours!

Overall, Letris is a great game for anyone to play. It’s free (although ad-supported), and is actually quite fun.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v1.1

Requires: Android 2.2+

Download size: 28MB

Letris 2 on Play Store

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  • Bruce

    This looks like a fun app. Just one minor word of caution, as discussed in the reviews at the app store: you have to do a 99 cent in-app upgrade to progress beyond Level 5. I expect that anybody who has gotten that far will be enjoying the game enough so that 99 cents isn’t a big deal, but some reviewers took offense at the publisher’s failure to take note of this in the description. They felt that the free version should have been labeled trialware.

    More amusing was the apparent typographical error in the app that originally stated the upgrade price as 99 dollars.