Need an excellent graphing calculator? Try Quick Graph [iPhone]

Quick Graph turns your iOS device into a multifunctional graphing calculator. Whether you are a mathematics student or a teacher/professor, or possibly even a researcher, this app will bring a smile to your face. You could go shell out hundreds of dollars to grab the typical graphing calculator or you could give Quick Graph a try. Just one glance at the screenshot should tell you how powerful this graphing utility can be. The interface was clearly designed by someone in the field of mathematics/sciences, because the app makes entering and editing equations quite user friendly. Also, as you can see, Quick Graph not only graphs up to 6 equations simultaneously in 2D, but has full 3D graphing capabilities. All standard coordinate systems are supported, including Cartesian, polar, spherical, and cylindrical. The graphics are absolutely stunning in the retina screen and can be saved to your camera roll, copied, and/or emailed.

I spent many years teaching mathematics to high school students, so I know how amazing it is to get an app like Quick Graph for free, given that graphing utilities are usually quite expensive. It is important to note that there is an in-app upgrade for several new features, one of which is “VGA out” capability. This is an essential option for teachers who might want to project the display onto a screen in the classroom. Whether you want to separate yourself (as a teacher) from the typical use of TI calculators or not, please realize how powerful it is for students to be interested in possibly downloading this app and playing around with the features. They will be floored that this technology actually exists on their phones for free. The 3D and color enhancement features are also nice additions to the greyish output of the typical graphing calculator.

Price: Free ($1.99 in-app upgrade for advanced features)

Version discovered: 2.3

Requires: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad; iOS 3.0 and up

Download size: 4.7 MB

Quick Graph on iTunes

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