Check out this awesome view of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano [Photo]

Anyone remember that volcano eruption of 2010 that dumped ash all over Europe and caused havoc with air travel? Yeah, well, the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull was responsible for that whole mess. It started erupting on March 20, 2010 with a second eruption on April 12, 2010. After that the sky was the limit for Eyjafjallajokull to screw with airlines and passengers.

The following photograph is of ash and lightening above the Eyjafjallajokull volcano; let me know if it looks as damn amazing as I think it does:

Of course I wouldn’t want to be at that place at the time this was happening (or any other time, for that matter), but I can enjoy the beauty from the safety of my home, right?

[via NASA, Image credit Marco Fulle]

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  • Ashraf

    @jayesstee: On top of a mountain. xD You are welcome!

  • jayesstee

    @Ashraf: But WHERE was the camera?

    Breathtaking image – thank you.

  • Ashraf

    @Jeanjean: Oh. Enjoy your walk :-)
    @chuck: Indeed, although a bit dark for my taste as a background.
    @AFPhys: Yeah, I agree — with both your statements.
    @vandamme: Ahhhh, physics! Thanks for the info. :-)
    @Prema: What you need is
    @Bob: With a camera? I’m confused as to what you are asking.
    @barney: Say what? I don’t see anyone.

  • barney

    I’m curious to know who/what is the apparent fire-being sitting on the mid-lower right.

  • tony


    Thanks vandamme, that makes sense.

  • Bob

    Would love to understand the “how” this picture was taken.

  • Prema

    doh i clicked a shortened URL from Locutus just after reading Ashraf’s “new type of malware article” … this will take some practice.

  • There’s volcano lightning due to the triboelectric effect: charged pieces of dust falling through a differently charged cloud (of dust), and the kinetic energy of the falling dust builds up more charge. Like one of those big Van de Graaf generators that shoot huge sparks. It’s all very dry so builds up lots of voltage. Thunderstorms do the same thing, because the raindrops are not connected and don’t short each other out.

  • AFPhys

    Tremendous photo!

    It really looks like it is photoshopped, but nature can be like that.

  • chuck

    Great Desktop Background-although the lightening might “burn in” after some time.

  • Jeanjean

    @ Ashraf
    Etna is a volcano in Sicily.
    A walk on its sides is planned during an excursion.

  • Ashraf

    @tony: You are welcome!
    @Locutus: LMAO!
    @Jeanjean: Is Etna sort for Eyjafjallajokull? Are you going there?

  • Apocalyptic ! I hope Etna (easier to remember and pronounce) will remain wise when I get there in a few days.

  • I personally prefer this photo:

  • tony

    What I would like to know is why there’s almost always lightning when a volcano erupts.
    Darn good photo ! Thanks for that.