Hate Twitter? Use App.net on your phone with Hooha for App.net [Android]

Are you a fan of the idea of Twitter, but against the actual Twitter service? If so, you may be a fan of the new App.net service. It’s a lot like Twitter, but is heavily API-based and is focused on providing a good service to end users rather than exploiting users for advertisements. It’s funded by end users–instead of ads, you just pay one $50 fee per year. Hooha is a great app for using it.

Hooha, unfortunate name and all, is a fully-featured App.net client. It does all the stuff you’d find in a Twitter client, but instead of using Twitter it uses App.net. It can view your stream, your mentions, profiles, and all the other things these types of apps normally do. It also has access to the Global feed: this is one feature that’s simultaneously quite cool, and unique to App.net.

There’s still a few things missing from Hooha. It doesn’t yet support hashtags, nor photo sharing. You also can’t view your own posts. However, these things are coming soon. It’s a nice app for anyone with an App.net account, and if you’re a fan of Twitter, you’ll probably be a fan of App.net.

Price: Requires App.net account ($50/year)

Version discovered: v0.6.1

Requires: Android 2.2+

Download size: 827KB

Hooha for App.net on Play Store

[via The Next Web]

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