Get beautiful, minimalistic weather widgets on your phone with Weather Eye [Android]

There are hundreds if not thousands of weather apps available for Android. However, there are very few beautiful weather apps available. If you’re trying to make your phone as sleek and minimal as possible, you’ll love Weather Eye. Available in both app and widget form, Weather Eye shows the weather as beautifully as possible.

Weather Eye doesn’t just look good. It’s highly functional. You can get the weather for pretty much any place that has weather, and since it’s entirely Holo-designed, switch between them using the View Control menu. (That’s the official name for the dropdown menu in the top left of a Holo-themed app.)

If you want more than a weather app, that’s entirely alright. Weather Eye is also a weather widget. It’s easy to add a widget for any place you want to quickly see the weather for. And, if you’re not a fan of the icons you see, that’s entirely OK. With Weather Eye, switching icon packs is easy as going to the app’s icon settings and selecting a new one. This makes it match up perfectly on any home screen.

Overall, Weather Eye is a great-looking weather app for anyone’s device. Seriously! If you like to know, or even just have to know, the weather, Weather Eye is probably the best looking app you can find on Google Play. It’s definitely worth the free download.

Price: Free — ad supported

Version discovered: v3.0

Requires: Android 2.2+

Download size: 7.0MB

Weather Eye on Play Store

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