Torrent anything and everything from your phone with the official uTorrent app [Android]

Torrenting can be both productive and entertaining. It can also help you download common, large files such as ROM updates, operating systems, and other, less legal content. Until recently, unfortunately, there was no good way to torrent from your smartphone or tablet. Today, that all changed with the official µTorrent for Android app. It’s now possible to torrent and download from your phone with as much ease as from your laptop or desktop.

The µTorrent app is pretty much all you’d ever need in a torrent client. It supports seeding, leeching, and all around basic torrenting, as well as the ability to play some media while it’s still downloading. If you hop into the settings, you can do your standard rate limiting and port changing, and if you’re one who likes to torrent a lot, set the app to open automatically.

µTorrent coming to Android is great news. That it’s this functional is even better. There’s tons of features, and it feels a lot more like a desktop app thoughtfully squished down into a phone app than an app built ground up to remove features to preserve design. This leads to it being a little... ugly at times, but it’s quite functional, and is probably the best torrent app on the market. If you like torrenting, µTorrent is a must-have.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v1.7

Requires: Android 2.1+

Download size: 1.7MB

uTorrent Beta on Play Store

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