Reminder Commander 2.20

{rw_text}Giveaway of the Day for October 28, 2008 is Reminder Commander 2.20.

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  • The ability to remind about an event on a preset designated time.
  • Email reminders.
  • The ability to create multiple reminder lists.

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  • Adding/Removing reminders is not as easy as it could be.
  • Cannot display reminders on desktop.

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{for=”Features as described” value=”10″}It does what they say.{/for}

{for=”Ease of Use” value=”7″}While it is fairly easy to use, it still takes a bit of learning – it is not “obvious”.{/for}

{for=”Usefulness” value=”10″}In today’s hectic world who does not need something that will remind them of important events?{/for}

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The program installs and registers fine in Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

The program itself, while not foolproof, is relatively self explanatory and it has a pretty simple interface (but it takes a tiny bit of effort to learn and get familiar with).

The one option I liked about this program is the ability to set a reminder for an event at any specific time.

Personally, while this is a good program, I will keep with Rainlendar. Rainlendar is a free software that does all this program does + more.

The only things this program has over Rainlendar is:

  1. The ability to remind about an event on a designated time as opposed to just X amount of hours/mins/days before the event
  2. Storing events in a database.
  3. The ability to create multiple reminder lists (With Rainlendar you can only create one To Do list and one Events list – for most people this is enough, but for some it may not be).
  4. Email reminders.

What makes Rainlendar better then this program:

  1. Its free (but so is this program…for today)
  2. Rainlendar displays your To Do list, Event list, and a Calender right on your desktop.
  3. Rainlendar has an easier system of adding/removing events.
  4. Rainlendar has a better system of describing events and setting them up.
  5. Rainlendar can have two separate lists – one a To Do list the other an Events list.

PMnet Verdict: While Reminder Commander is an excellent program, get Rainlendar instead – it is better.

You can download Rainlendar from: (click here) (click here)


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  • I think I remember this post!

  • Austinkir,

    I actually have the correct link in the top half of my post but not in the bottom half. Don’t know what happened there, thank you for the heads up. I will change it now.

  • Austinkir

    The link you have for Rainlendar is wrong, it should point to not (notice the a)

    Great review though! For me Rainlendars ability to display on the desktop is the deal breaker.

  • Gooner, feel free to keep us updated on your experience with Rainlender =)

    In my opinion, in today’s busy world, it is man’s best friend.

  • Gooner

    I followed your advice with Rainlender – it looks pretty good to me although as I have Outlook I don’t think I really need either … I will keep it for a while and experiment with it

  • Thank you for letting us know about another free alternative to Reminder Commander.

    I have no personal experience with Aeris Calender which is why I did not mention it in my review. I have used Rainlender for a long time and like it, which is why I put in it my review.

  • Ardwych

    Who are you who keeps promoting this Rainyender piece of software? I tried it once and found it quite uninteresting. RemindComm is really babyshoes for the unoccupied. It’s vacuous and facile. For something with real strength have a look at Aeris Calendar. (Aeris is Latin for “weather” so technically it’s ‘I-ris’.)
    It’s got all the sorts of scheduling settings you want and it looks good. He does Pop Peeper too, to kill spam at your ISP.