Would you live in this alligator-filled room? [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Alligators may be cool to watch from afar, but not very many people would have the guts to come close to one… myself included. So, then, what would you say about someone that lives in the same room as alligators? Gutsy or plain stupid? Maybe a little of both?

Okay, I admit, I have pulled somewhat of a bait and switch on you. I don’t have a photo of real alligators to show you. I do, however, have an awesome photo of 3D art in a room that makes it look like there are real alligators living there. Check it out for yourself:

Damn that is just cool… although I’m not so sure how many house guests appreciate the scare.

[via Facebook]

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  • Bas

    @Ashraf: here is a website with 50 of these 3D paintings: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/absolutely-stunning-3d-street-art-paintings/

    I am still looking for the artist who Mike is talking about, I know who it is but cannot find him yet.

  • Ashraf

    @Mike: I’d love to see photos of the artist’s work, if you have any.
    @jayesstee: Hehe… thanks!
    @Horrabin: Dot dot dot?

  • Horrabin

    I want one with mermaids…

  • jayesstee

    Wouldn’t want to wake up intoxicated (even slightly) in THAT room.

    You’re setting a high standard Ashraf!

  • Mike

    There’s an artist who does sidewalk and related art of this type on a grand scale–just amazing stuff.