See where your hard drive space is going with DaisyDisk [Mac OS X]

DaisyDisk is a handy application that will scan any drive that you have connected to your computer. Once it is finished scanning, it will give you detailed information of where the majority of your storage space is going. It lumps your files into obvious categories so you can see which types of files seem to be taking up the most space. Not only will it scan your computer hard drive, but it will scan flash drives, ftp disks, and even time machine volumes. This is extraordinarily useful because it will give you the ability to have maximum control over all of your disks.

Once DaisyDisk knows whats going on with your drive, it can help you to start cleaning it out. It will be able to show you unusually large files and even allow you to preview them. If you decide that one of these files isn’t needed, DaisyDisk will delete it permanently for you. DaisyDisk makes finding larger files rather easy because the larger the file, the more space it will take up in the graphic.

DaisyDisk’s user interface can unfortunately be confusing at times. When you first use it, all of the information can cause the user to become a little overwhelmed. However, DaisyDisk does indeed get easier to use, I just wish there wasn’t such a learning curve at the beginning. One piece of information that DaisyDisk doesn’t show is the age of the files. This would be extremely useful because you could easily see which files haven’t been used for awhile. This feature would also help you sniff out those lost files that you didn’t even know still existed.

I think that DaisyDisk can be useful to nearly every type of Mac user who is willing to get past the interface. This is because no matter what you use your computer for, it is important to know where your storage space is going. DaisyDisk’s visual representation of the data makes it incredibly easy to understand. Plus, scrolling your mouse over different parts of the picture gives you more detailed information. DaisyDisk is truly a very useful piece of software and can make any Mac user’s life easier. So if you are willing to tinker around with a program for a little bit, then DaisyDisk is for you.

Price: $9.99

Version discovered: 2.1.2

Supported OS: OS X 10.6 or later

Download size: 4mb

DaisyDisk Homepage

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