[Max OS X] Create digital copies of your favorite recipes with YummySoup!

YummySoup! is a great application that will allow you to capture and organize all of your recipes. It has all basic functionality that you would expect such as ingredients required and cooking time necessary. However, there are some interesting features that sets it apart from other similar recipe applications. YummySoup! supports a vast array of popular recipe sites, and allows you to import a recipe with one simple click. In addition, it has fantastic social features. You can email a full recipe to somebody, and they can then directly import it into their YummySoup! collection. It also has a feature called Recipecasts. Recipecasts are actually quite genius. You can create a collection of recipes that are automatically broadcasted to anybody who subscribes to the cast. You can of course add more recipes to them and the Recipecast will update accordingly.

Although YummySoup! supports syncing with the iPad and iPhone versions, the syncing can be rather spotty at times and just downright inconvenient. Not all of your recipes sync which can be very annoying. Also, YummySoup! does not contain a section to place nutritional information. This is a serious issue because we live in a world where nutrition is very critical.

YummySoup! is a really great start to a really great idea. In fact, it is as close to perfection as any other application out there. With just a few minor enhancements, the developers will have a real winner on their hands. This is true because the application includes things such as grocery lists and planners. Once YummySoup gets past these limitations, there is no doubt in my mind that it will take off in popularity.

Price: $14.99

Version reviewed: 2.4

Supported OS: 2.4

Download size: 32mb

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