“It seems Samsung has copied us again” [Comic]

Okay, I know most people are probably sick of hearing about the Apple v Samsung lawsuit that concluded last month but I just came across a bloody hilarious comic, so I must share.

Before we get to the comic, a little background context is required.

You see companies involved in a lawsuit are required by the law to preserve documents that may contain evidence related to the lawsuit. Although e-mails are not physical documents, they are included in this law. One of the judges presiding over Apple v Samsung censored Samsung for not preserving e-mails as far back as they should have. The irony was Apple preserved even less e-mails but the judge ignored Samsung’s appeal on the matter. The anti-Samsung censor was later overturned by another judge.

The following comic is poking fun at the above-mentioned e-mail preservation issue:


[via Eviscerati]

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  • eb235

    Warm thanks for this excellent story !

  • Neil Berman

    Here’s a funny story I found in the Boston Globe’s TALES FROM THE CITY feature
    My sister and I had bought our senior citizen dad a computer, which he left behind while he wintered in Florida. On his return, as we were helping him to unpack, we noticed that he had left it covered in blankets. We asked why. He said “I heard that computers can sometimes freeze and I did nor want to risk it!” He then proudly added that he’d also unplugged it so he wouldn’t get any e-mails while he was away. (Submitted by Jane Matlaw/Newtonville)

    (I’ll have to invite him to join dotTech…Neil)

  • Ashraf

    @mukhi: You are welcome!

  • mukhi


    ASHRAF, you are getting us the really funny stuffs! thanks.