“It seems Samsung has copied us again” [Comic]

Okay, I know most people are probably sick of hearing about the Apple v Samsung lawsuit that concluded last month but I just came across a bloody hilarious comic, so I must share.

Before we get to the comic, a little background context is required.

You see companies involved in a lawsuit are required by the law to preserve documents that may contain evidence related to the lawsuit. Although e-mails are not physical documents, they are included in this law. One of the judges presiding over Apple v Samsung censored Samsung for not preserving e-mails as far back as they should have. The irony was Apple preserved even less e-mails but the judge ignored Samsung’s appeal on the matter. The anti-Samsung censor was later overturned by another judge.

The following comic is poking fun at the above-mentioned e-mail preservation issue:


[via Eviscerati]

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