[Android] Die once and for all in the new platformer One Single Life

In a lot of games, dying is inevitable. You die, and click respawn–it’s that simple. One Single Life is not like that–not at all. In it, you get but a single life. You have to risk it by jumping between buildings, and the jumps get harder as they go. At first, only 12% of players can’t make the jump, but you slowly work your way up to 94% of players–or die trying.

One Single Life is simple. You’re given a set of jumps, each of which is further and harder than the last. The first is actually quite easy, with the sign advertising that 12% of players die on it. The second is harder–22% of players die. The levels get quite difficult, and since you only have one life, you can really feel it growing inside of you. If you manage to make it, you’ll beat 96% of players on the last jump!

I managed to score an expert rating on the game, making it through six or seven levels. If you’re really intent on making it all the way through, you have two options: delete your App Data, or pay for the $1.99 Infinite Lives in-app purchase. Overall, One Single Life is a unique and fun game, and is in a much different style than other games.

Price: Free!

Version discovered: v1.0.1

Requires: Android 1.6+

Download size: 10MB

One Single Life on Play Store

[via Android Police]

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